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ladayen 02-27-2012 10:22 PM

My 60g, and some questions
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OK I'm going to start off by saying, dont copy this tank. It's a mistake learned/experiment/experience. The dimensions are 36"x18widex22high. It has only a small "disposible" air sponge filter from walmart. It is moderately planted atm. Hoping the plants will fill in empty spots. It has a 48" 6500k t8 bulb with the fixture resting directly on the steel grate covering the tank. Tank was cycled before fish but we didn't plan on having so many fish in there, certainly not in so short a time frame. So after dealing with the mini cycle and .1 ammonia that lingered for awhile we finally got it back to 0, then had a sharp spike to .25(see more below) and back to 0 for a week now(more plants and decorations for bacteria).

Stock is

9 bronze cory
2 Bristlenose Pleco(1m, 1f)
4 African Dwarf Frog
2 upside down catfish(Least there was a week ago lol, never see the things)
1 gold gourami (Blue gourami)
14 harlequin rasbora
6 Boeseman Rainbowfish
1 unknown rainbow fish (was supposed to be a Boesimani but defintely isn't)
11 assorted danios (Zebra Danio and Pearl danio mostly)
8 female guppy.

1. Notice I have only female guppies. Something has killed off all the male ones I had (4 at one point) Females are completly untouched. I'll mention here that after an ammonia spike we pulled the tank apart pulled out all the plants to find a male guppy dead in some java moss and a Boesimani rainbowfish(pretty sure it was also a male) dead on a crypt wendtii leaf. So I'm thinking the other rainbowfish killed the guppies and the rainbowfish. Does that make sense? I'll throw in that one of our females is small enough that the gourami and probably the rainbowfish could eat it whole.

2. PH out of tap is 7.8, recently checked the tank and it was at 8.4. We had some dead rock(texas holey rock? is there a difference?) in there for a couple weeks, we took that out when we saw the higher PH, but there is still some other rock in there. It's reddish with lots of tiny holes in it. Lava rock of some sort maybe? Would it make sense one of those is raising the PH? We just put in a piece of Malaysian drift wood after boiling it for about 30 min until the water was clear.

3. One of the danios has been huge to the point she looks like she could explode for nearly a month now. I'm assuming this is eggs but why hasn't she laid them? She is having no problem swimming and everything otherwise is normal but she seems to be a bit more aggresive.

4. We have 2 upside down catfish that we bought when our LFS began renovations on teh fish room and dumped all 40 of their tanks into 8. Was 3 but one died within a couple days. We never see them however. They were out for a couple days after we got them. Then they dissappeared for 2 weeks. We thought they were dead until we pulled the tank apart and found them. We haven't seen them in the week since. I'm assuming this is because they should be in bigger groups. Certainly got more of them planned at some point but getting them right now isn't possible.

dmuddle 02-27-2012 10:45 PM

Hmmm. Just keep an eye on the tank and let me know of anything unusual that is happening i might be able to solve it

Byron 02-28-2012 11:35 AM

On the pH, I have read that lava rock is calcareous, I can't confirm as I've never used it. But I see white bits in the substrate gravel, do you know what they are? If in doubt, take a couple white grains out and do the acid test. They may be calcareous, white often is; if it is smooth quartz gravel, it should be inert, but if the white grains are not smooth but rough or porous, it is likely calcareous.

ladayen 02-28-2012 12:27 PM

Acid test? you mean put vinegar on it?

Byron 02-28-2012 12:45 PM


Originally Posted by ladayen (Post 996872)
Acid test? you mean put vinegar on it?

Yes, to start, though a stronger acid such as the Regent #2 in the API nitrate kit is better.

ladayen 02-28-2012 12:55 PM

hmm interesting ok I'll do that then. Gotta feed the kids and head out for a bit. I'll check the PH when I get back and perform the tests on both the bigger rock in the tank still, the dead rock and some pebbles, and post the results later this afternoon.

ladayen 02-28-2012 08:57 PM

Ok I just got the tests done. The Holey Rock/dead rock fizzed. My PH is back to 7.8. I didn't test the other rock as I wasn't sure how long I should leave it out of tank for and it seemed we figured out that issue.

On a side note, just realized we had a calcium test and it read 80mg/l From what you can see... what does that mean lol.

Waiting on results of Iron test.. this one I'm curious about because I understand yellowing of leaves can mean lack of iron? Seeing that on some plants.

ladayen 02-28-2012 10:01 PM

OK chelated Iron is at .5 which the book says is the maximum I should have, non chelated is 0.

Went and reread the book for the calcium test. It says to multiply x 2.5 to get Calcium Carbonate(CaC03)... so 200 assuming thats still in mg/l still

Quantum 02-28-2012 10:09 PM

It's no suprise that the holey rock fizzed, it is limestone, which is composed primarily of CaCO3, the lava rock is probably fine, as the vast majority of these rocks (extrusive igneous) will not contain CaCO3.

The Ca test will have been influenced by the holey rock, it may be a good idea to test again afer a few water changes, a result representative of the water without the holey rock or its influence will give better info, though a GH test would be best, as GH includes other minerals in addition to Ca

ladayen 02-28-2012 10:28 PM

Gh is 140mg/l KH is 100.

OK so that takes care of 2. 4. was mostly me just type thinking. Anyone got anything for points 1. and 3. or any other comments on the tank?

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