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jaxxmann99 02-26-2012 11:22 PM

Name that blue african???
So what was it???

I just set up my first African tank in like 15 years... I just uploaded a pic of it.

So although I did this a long time ago, I'm looking for a particular fish or the name of it.

As it took a while to get set up on this, I think I might have got it. It is sort of like a lemon yellow labridochromis but blue.

I remember a fish callled and electric blue johanni??

Are there any African cichlid fans that can confirm???

Sorry it's been so long, I have had and remember some brachardis, compressiceps,frontosas, and some tropheus... I'm just trying to remember what that fish was...

Thanks if you can help!!!

Tazman 02-26-2012 11:34 PM

First of all welcome to the TFK
Impossible to say without a picture.

There are several it could be.

Tazman 02-26-2012 11:44 PM

Could be a Pseudotropheus socolofi or Metriaclima callainos.

Metriclima Johanni have horizontal bars and look nothing like yellow labs.

jaxxmann99 02-27-2012 12:22 AM


I was going off of names of memory not pictures...

The one I was thinking of wais indeed the Pseudotropheus socolofi. I went looking and yes the johanni was like a chipokae and or auratus with the horzonatal stripes.

Thanks Again! Now I need to find them.

I will update my 75g pic when I do!!!

Tazman 02-27-2012 08:34 AM

What do you have in the tank already, you do not mention this in your tank profile.

I would recommend adding another filter as well. You need to overfilter African cichlids by at least 10-15 times your tank volume.

jaxxmann99 03-07-2012 04:16 PM


Well I still can't find socolofi. I am saving room for them if I can find them in the next few weeks.

They are all doing well!

At this point I have:

4 yellow labs
2 acei
2 chameleo (bumble bee)
2 L. brachardi (1 bigger than the rest)
2 Compressiceps (Calvus, not eye biter)

So far I'm not sure about the bumble bees, that was my wife's suggestion. They can get a bit overpowering. Like the Rusty's maybe? I've had those before and they remind me of what I'm seeing.

So all I have left is to find those socolofi's, and I want to add a synadontis... I'm thinking eurptys? I've had them before. If I can't find them in the next couple weeks I will probably go back and add more Acei or Brachardi.

As for my gph @ 700gph. that's pretty close to 10x, given the rocks, displacement, etc. My 150g runs at about the same, 1500gph. That's still south american fish though...

Tazman 03-07-2012 10:32 PM

The calvus is not a good mix with the mbuna. Calvus need a diet which is high in protein and live food sd they are predatory fish.

The mbuna cannot have a high protein diet as it can give them bloat which is almost always fatal in mbuna. The bumblee (Psedotropheus crabo), can sometimes be a total nightmare in tanks. With only 2 of them, it could lead to a dead fish quick.

Calvus are from Lake Tanganyikan which also has different water than Lake Malawi. Calvus prefer very hard water although can tolerate lower hardness but not so much the pH which needs to be near 9 for them to be happy. If the Calvus are small they will be ok as they can take forever to grow (6 months mine when I had them and it was barely 1.5")

I would really recommend getting more acei. They are one of the few mbuna that actually go all over the tank and enjoy playing around in sort of a school even though they are not naturally schooling fish. Aim for another 3 and try and get 1 male to 4 female ratios with everything except the calvus and brachardi.

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