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It'sJames 11-18-2007 05:57 PM

Fish for a 28g...
I'm looking for species that would be comfortable in my 28g freshwater. Dimensions are 24W x 19H x 12D. I've started planting it, and I hope to have it moderately - heavily planted by the time I'm finished. I had been planning on putting an angel, a small school of cardinal tetras (6-7), and a few julii cory cats. Would the angel be cramped in here?

Here are some other fish I'm interested in...
Tiger barbs, south american puffers, dwarf cichlids (german rams in particular), and possibly African rift lake cichlids.

I know that now all of those fish are compatable. If I decide not to go with the angel, what other combinations could I do? Are there any African rift lake cichlids that would fit in my aquarium? Any suggestions on any of the fish listed, or anything else that would work, are appreciated!!

Falina 11-18-2007 06:12 PM

Definitely no angel I'm afraid. The tank is too small.

The cardinals and cories would be fine.

Puffers are best kept in a species tank as they will kill any other fish.

You could have a pair of blue rams no problem I think.

Any african cics are best kept in african cic tanks only as well so I'd say no to them.

Tiger barbs are too agressive/big/active for a tank that size IMHO. Why not look into cherry barbs or pentoza barbs instead?

If you like deep bodoed fish (I'm thinking of the angel here) then maybe you will like black skirt tetras?


tophat665 11-20-2007 08:26 PM

South American Puffers can, sometimes, cautiously and with a bail out solution be kept with other fish, but that tank is too small - I'd want nothing smaller than a 40 breeder for them.

I myself was contemplating an angel or 2 in that sort of tank - Eclipse, no? with a pair of bushynosed plecos and some emperor tetras, but that's probably pushing it.

Too small for Tiger Barbs.

That'd be a good tank to go with a three leveled approach - Hatchets on top, Cories or Rams on the bottom, and cardinals in the middle.

I know diddly about African cichlids, but I haven't heard of anything but Shellies in that small a tank. I could be wrong, though, easily.

beetlebz 11-21-2007 02:22 PM

honestly I think I would replace angel with dwarf gourami and thats pretty much my 29g I have now, save for my mystery snail, and I love it :) but, on the other hand alot of people shy away from dwarf gouramis due to health problems (due to breeding). Food for thought.

maybe 1 or 2 rams, or apistogrammas?

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