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MegK 11-18-2007 10:35 AM

i get sad when i look in a store and see that a whole tank s infested with ich or the fish are just sick!

i dont have the room for these fish. im just wondering if people have ever saved a fish by telling the people to just give u the fish or for alot cheaper cuz it needs so much care

willow 11-18-2007 02:26 PM

i got a electric yellow cichlid for free because
it was skinny,the bloke said "if it lives the night
you got yourself a free fish"
to say i have a healthly male is an understatement. :)
he is a very strong fighting fit male.

Falina 11-18-2007 04:43 PM

I've taken fish from folk I know to save them being flushed, but not from stores. The lfs I use is very good and I haven't seen any fish that need to be rescued. I tend to stay away from stores that treat their fish badly because I know I'll just want to buy them all to save them.

Gump 11-19-2007 10:09 AM

Nope. It seems to be part of the industry.

Lupin 11-19-2007 10:18 AM

There is a disadvantage at times with "rescuing fish". If you are not prepared for that particular fish, then you do not know what to do next with it. A lot of people tend to "rescue" fish thinking they could give it a better life but a lot of them never realized there is more to that than just rescuing fish and giving it the best water conditions possible. If the fish in particular grows too big for you to accommodate, the question now lies in how are you going to address this problem. Where will you put it as it grows?

The only other solutions are to talk to the owner patiently or file a complaint against animal abuse although most of the time, they may not likely entertain your complaint promptly. Buying the fish will not discourage the owners from continuing their care patterns because they think they already benefited from buying a fish just to be "rescued".

Falina 11-19-2007 10:59 AM

With regards to Lupins statement about putting in complaints about fish stores that treat their fish very badly:

There is a store in Glasgow called Boyd's Aquarium. I stay away from it for the reason I mentioned earlier however on the odd acoaasion I have went in I have found the cnditions to be terrible. Both Kateyoup and I have put in numerous complaints to the environmental health division of the council. Kate has said to me in the past that following one complaint the store did receive a visit from them and they cleaned up their act a bit for a short time before going back to as bad as ever. This was before I had ever visited the store. None of my complaints have been followed up and Kate's subsequent complaints have not been followed up either.

I expect complaints will be dealt with a bit differently depending on where you live as it will obviously be a different council addressing the complaints so it may still be worth your while filing one if you see fit however the best I can do about this particular store seems to be to never buy from it and to discourage anyone in my area from buying from it as well.

As I said I stay away so I do not feel so bad for the fish but the best thing you can do when it comes to these stors, like Lupin said, is not to give them your money. It seems a bit cruel on the fish that have been unfortunate enough to end up there but buying from them only keps their business alive and allows them to keep on treating the fish as they do. If enough people do this (and I realise that this is so unlikely that enough people will do this) then they will be forced either to clean up their act for the sake of business if not the fish, or to close down.

MegK 11-19-2007 01:50 PM

well im not saying buy the fish cuz then yea u are just supporting them treating fish bad (which is why i get frustrated when people say they save bettas from cups by buying them.. grrr) , but like willow said she got a free fish, and im just wondering if anyone has come across a store that would do that

beetlebz 11-21-2007 02:26 PM

2 of my 6 female bettas were free :) well, one was because the cashier forgot to ring it out, and said dont worry about it, the other was from petco because I made a comment about how sad she looked and how faded her colors were, and how skinny she was. Now shes healthy as ever, and eats so much that for 20 minutes or so after feeding time she looks like she swallowed a marble lol

MegK 11-21-2007 08:12 PM

dam i need to go to some place and say ur fish is dying to someone stupid for a free fish.

i got my female betta for a little cheaper, i didnt try tho.. the guy just hated his boss lol

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