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aura09 02-22-2012 06:00 PM

HELP! Goldfish got attacked!
Okay Sooo my poor new fish I just got him yesterday got his finns nipped badly like i would post a pic but i have no way to atm.. So ill just say its bad. However his body is fine and he seems like hes perfectly fine and healthy.. its just every fin on his body got attacked. The spine is still intact on all fins.. How it happened : blue botia attacked in 56 gallon tank ..I know you should not have goldfish in a tropical tank It was only temporary he was only in there ONE HOUR! UGHHH.. Hes going into a large one very soon! hes a black moor goldfish and he is huge! probably 5 inches. ANYWAYS i dont care about that I just need to know how to get him better i learned my lesson i feel so bad! :( :( i really thought my loach would be okay with him.. oh well.

what i have done so far:
Moved him to a CYCLED 10 gallon ISO tank becuase thats the only place i can put him atm
added AQUARIUM salt like 10 min after i noticed. I tested the water first cuz i know it has to be perfect so here is the results

Ammonia- 0
nitrate- between5-10ppm < it says 40ppm is in the safe range but im aiming for 0 it barely turned pink...
nitrite- o
hardness- 150
alk-120 ish
ph-7.4ish < its just hard to be exact i kno its 7 something cuz i have hard water.
TEMP- is like 77 should i turn it down??? or keep it a bit warmer i know they dont need a heater but i thought it might help

then i went to bed

woke up today went to work bought melafix
came home just added 5ml for 10 gallons to his tank ( I should tell you i put a bubbler in there too to give him more oxygen! )
it says to treat the tank with 5mls for 7 days then do a 25% h2o change so this is day one.
i added 2 tps of salt yesterday too.
and i took the carbon outta the filter too.
UGH okay i really hope he heals

more questions:
1. Is what im doing right??? what can i do better besides movin him to a big tank like he just fits in it he has room to swim just fine atm i will move once the tank is set up but that will not be for a few weeks.
2. should i do a h20 change now? becuase i have a small amount of nitrate? or wait the 7 days like it says?
3. how fast can they grow back? and will they be the same colour?
4. I use PRIME for my water it says to use 5 times normal dose if i have high nirate? is this a good idea atm?
5. any thing else?? AHHH please help i feel so bad he seems not hurt tho and i fed him pellets and flakes and some bloodworms already! but his fins are destroyed! i hope they dont get infected! :(:(:(

p.s the brand of strips is JUNGLE

ladayen 02-22-2012 07:55 PM

I wouldn't bother adding any medication or salt. Just keep the water clean. Yeah turn the temp down so the fish is comfortable.

twocents 02-24-2012 07:26 PM

I think fishie will be ok. Adding a little salt is good idea there, keep an eye for opportunistic infections.

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