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Tazman 02-22-2012 09:47 AM

Gourami and Guppies.
I am not the greatest on gouramis and not sure about the stocking options.

So why not ask a question...I am looking at getting a new tank and some blue gourami for my girlfriend...would these be ok with 4 male guppy which she has already in a Fluval Chi.

Recommended tank size I believe is 36" for the blues, she is very good with maintenance and her water is spotless, I test it regularly for her.

Where we live is fairly hard water, her GH is 7, Kh is 125, nearly the same as mine.

Ammonia, Nitrite always zero, Nitrate never above 10ppm.

pH is 7.8 (I have a very accurate tester).

Thanks in advance.

Inga 02-22-2012 11:01 AM

I am going to tell you that the short answer is likely "NO" Having Multiple Blue Gourami will likely end badly unless you get a male and then 2 female. Even then my understanding is that it is a risk. I got 2 Gold and 2 Blue before I knew better and I now have only 1 Blue. The Gold was nasty and killed one blue and the other Gold. I then removed him to save my current Blue which is a most peaceful wonderful fish. She got along fine with the Guppies but everyone tells me that is not the norm.

If you had another tank to move her to if it didn't work, I might try a baby female (just one) and see if growing up together they will get along. Guppies can also be a little nippy so... you would really have to watch that. You don't want her getting nipped at and you don't want her eating your Guppies as is what I understand can happen. It just never happened with mine. I even moved my girl in the Guppy tank with the hope she would get the fry population under control but nope, she liked the babies and did them no harm at all. If you don't have a back up plan for the Blue Gourami, I guess I wouldn't chance it.

Here is my pretty little girl

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