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Boredomb 02-21-2012 04:07 PM

Normal coloration for Bamboo shrimp?
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I have two Bamboo Shrimp in my 55 gallon they have been there for a couple of weeks now I think.
They both eat on a log under my filter spray bar that I have pointed down towards the log for them. I hardly ever see them trying to feed off of the substrate. In fact I will see them on the log for hours filtering the water for food. They seem to be eating okay so my question is when I bought these two shrimp they were both the same color with one being slightly lighter brown. Now one did molt its skin and is now almost a reddish color? Is this normal? Here is a pic showing the two feeding on the log.

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geoff421 02-23-2012 11:14 AM

I have 6 bamboo and 4 blue vampire shrimp in a 200 gal planted tank. while mine can be hard to fine at times the bamboo colors do change from one to the next.I have heard that the really red ones are close to dying but I have two bright red ones and they seem content to hang out and filter all day. I also notice lighter colors after molts and one ones that stick more to the plants than the driftwood. I would stick to the substrate sifting as a indication of starvation. Oh and I feed the new life spectrum flake food and ground up algae wafer paste. hope this helps

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