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fishboss 02-20-2012 10:03 PM

filter/diy aquarium backround
hey i have a 90g tank and im going to keep african cichlids in it.
what do you need for the tank ?

is 1 200W heater enough or do i need 1 more ?

and what filter (and how many) would i need for my tank- renaxp3/xp4 ? ehiem 2215/2217? or aquatop cf400/500?

and im making a diy 3d backround and when im finished how many times or how long do i flush the water in the tank for? and how do i know when i have flushed enough that the water is good ?

and after my waters good after flushing is that when i do fishless cycle ?

what do i need to do for fishless cycle (and how long does it take) ? thanks

Tazman 02-20-2012 10:18 PM

Several filters capable of turning over 10-15 times your tank volume an hour
So 900-1350 gph.
I would seriously look at the FX5, it an awesome filter. I have a Rena XP4 and FX5 on my 75g tank...water is spotless.

Decorations you would be looking at are lot of ROCKS, sand as the preferred substrate as that is what Lake Malawi is.

I would look at 2 x 200w heaters possibly inline like these.

Find out here about cycling...there is no set time and each tank is different but 6-8 weeks would be about right for a 90g tank.
It is essential that you get a test kit...look at the API freshwater Master Kit.

Regarding the 3d background, I cannot help you with that as I do not have one.

Do you have any stock list as yet other than "Africian Cichlids"? types etc?

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