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Jester10 02-20-2012 05:37 PM

New Aquarium and new to aquariums in general lots of questions
Hello All!!

I'm new to the site if not obvious and i thought I get some help and share how my new tank is coming with you.

At the moment I just have a tank and stand waiting to be filled and while I'm waiting i figured I'd get some advice.

I have a 75 gallon tank with glass top, a Emperor 400 pro series filter and a 300watt heater on the way via amazon. My fist question is will this filter be enough? It is rated up to 90 Gallons but I'm always skeptical and I plan on keeping small/medium size community fish as i hear they are not as dirty as gold fish or ciclids. I also plan on having an air stone in the tank to help with movement if i decide to but the filter on one side or the other but the glass top permits me to place the filter in the center of the tank if I desire would this be better than one side or the other with the air stone that i plan on having regardless of where I put the filter.

Now the most important part, the fish. Below is a list of fish I have found and like. Keep in mind that I know that i can't have all them i list i just would like to know which go together well and in what order i should add them because i know some of these tend to be territorial and aggressive.

4 Angles < These are a must as my mom requested them
4-6 corys or maybe pitcus (<spelling) cats
4-6 danio
4-6 gourami kissing or 3 spot
rainbow shark
clown loach < do these to well in schools?
maybe a pleco with limited growth
4-6 swordtails
rainbow fish (I am doing research as I post this but as of this positng i know little about these fish.

But overall I would like a tank of well behaved fish that require little to moderate maintenance and filtration with as little maintenance as possible.

Any and all Comments are welcome.

Chesh 02-20-2012 07:38 PM

I don't have any of the answers you're looking for, as I'm brand new at this myself, but thought I'd stop in and say hello - and good luck!

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