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baggy007 02-20-2012 12:06 AM

new tank stocking
hi people, i currently have a 3 foot tank but am upgrading to a 5x2x2 in a couple of weeks and im finding it a real struggle as what to put in it
i have a comet, 2 dwarf male Gourami 2 weather loach and a bristlenose

it isnt a temperate tank, ive always kept cold water fish in a tropical set up and had no issues

i was going to do a Gourami tank but ive read some compatibility issues, also i think they would rip my comet up somethig nasty, cant be having that, ive had her bout 7 yrs

i would like maybe 3 different shoals of about 6 in each, max 2 inch full grown and maybe 3 pairs of fish 5 inch max full grown and to be compatable with each other and what i currently have

any advice would be greatfully appreciated

thank you

thekoimaiden 02-20-2012 04:34 PM

Normally I would suggest things like cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra, and neon tetra, but with a goldfish those fish will likely become snacks. Comet goldfish get around 30 cm and will easily see anything that can fit in its mouth as food. While coldwater fish like goldfish and the weather loach may be able to survive at tropical temperature, they will suffer in the long-run. Just because it worked for you doesn't make it advisable. Keeping a weather loach at temperatures above 75F shortens the life span. Your goldfish has probably already suffered from stunting issues being in a 3 ft tank for 7 years. Not to mention the huge bioload a fish like that puts on a tank. You could probably have a nice tropical tank if you got rid of the goldfish and weather loach. Not to mention that goldfish do best in hard water and gourami are softwater species. There are tropical loaches that fit in the same parameters as the gourami and have the same body shape as a weather loach.

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