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magpie 02-19-2012 10:54 AM

Starting a small work aquarium... stocking and questions
Hi all, here's my original thread in the Betta sub-forum.

Essentially I'm starting up a 14 gallon biocube for the clinic that I work at. It will have live plants.

I'm thinking this for stocking:
-1 male Betta Splendens (will add last)
-6-8? Salt and pepper cories (Corydoras Habrosus)
-10-12? Blue Neon Rasboras (Sundanio axelrodi)

Stocking questions:
- How many cories, and how many rasboras? Both like larger groups. The neon rasboras are small at 20-22 mm.

I will keep up the tank, however I don't want to overload it. All of the fish like a low current, so I ordered a Mini Jet 404 to replace the Biocube's pump as it supposedly fits and has adjustable flow. I thought this would be easier than worrying about sticking a sponge in the output of the tank, as it's a weird small opening and not sure if it would hang up over time or just pop out and then fly everyone around.

Substrate question:
- My LFS recommends sand for the cories. They said if I use a small amount it shouldn't build up pockets. But then will there be enough to hold the plants down?
- Should I get Eco-complete and mix it together? Or just get some MTS?

- Recommendations?
- This tank has decent light built in but I want it to be low maintenance. I do plan on dosing with Flourish.

Anything else I'm missing?


magpie 02-19-2012 01:32 PM

Also, how many fish should I add at a time to such a small tank?

Grimmjow 02-19-2012 04:26 PM

You want to put 20 fish in a 14 gallon tank?

I can't see the profile for the fish so I dont know the minimum for the cories or rasboras but I've had those cories in my 75g and they appreciated the swimming room. Of the 4 kinds or cories I had, they did the most swimming around.

You don't need a different filter for less current, just make a baffler. There should still be a thread about it in the betta forum.
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Byron 02-19-2012 04:40 PM

Here are the issues I see:

Substrate. If you intend any Cory, do not use Eco-complete or Flourite, they are too sharp. Sand is preferable, but a fine smooth gravel will work. Considering where this tank will be, I would suggest simple. Playsand will be ideal substrate, about 1.5 inches overall depth.

Fish. Do not mix a male Betta with the Danio, the latter will very probably become food for the Betta. I know not everyone will agree with me, but I do not recommend male Betta in a community tank. This fish deserves its own space, period. There are two issues common when it is in any community: it may eat other fish or harass them (colourful fish are frequent targets), and many small shoaling fish become real fin nippers when placed in a very confined space (to the fish) with such a temptation. Corydoras habrosus need cooler water than preferable for a Betta, so that is not a good mix.

If the tank were larger, I wold leave out the Betta and build a community of small shoaling fish. With the Sundanio axelrodi, a group of one of the Boraras or Trigonostigma species in the rasbora, or among tetra the Ember Tetra. The Corydoras habrosus would go with these. However, space is an issue, and the Sundanio should be in a larger group, say 20 fish. This species is not yet in our profiles, so here is some reliable info:
Sundadanio axelrodi - Seriously Fish


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