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vinoth1465 11-15-2007 04:25 PM

ceramic rings
my 40 gallon is fully cycled and i am adding fish slowly... i have 2 emperor 400 filters...

my friend is planning to set up a 55 gallon tank... he has a canister filter on his list...

i was wondering, if i get one of those Quick Draw Corner Filter's, fill them up with ceramic rings and when he tank is running, move the ceramic rings to his filter... will that boost the cycle process... how will i know the ceramic rings are ready... please correct me if i am wrong.


herefishy 11-15-2007 07:56 PM

I do the same thing, with different manufacturers' product, when "seeding" new tanks. I will take some of the media, ceramic rings, bio-stars, bio-balls, ect, and intrduce them to the new filters. Usually the new media is ready in about 2 weeks as a rule.

vinoth1465 11-16-2007 12:09 AM

great thanks... is there a rule as to how much is too much... i already have 2 emperor 400 with 2 biowheels each... tank only has 6 asst african cichlids.

if i add more ceramic rings, will that affect anything. after 2 weeks, how will i know they are ready.

beetlebz 11-16-2007 07:48 PM

the additional filtration shouldnt matter. the water is still flowing and thats what counts :) you may not see much of a change if any at all on the ceramic rings, but the bacteria is still there.

thats how i seed my tanks ;)

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