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rreekers 02-17-2012 11:40 PM

stocking help
60g Hexagon tank, filtration: 305 and 406 (i run both about 1/2 speed) there are a few large pieces of driftwood, and im in the process of heavily planting the tank.. i will not add species until my aqua scaping is complete.

the stock i want to try is:
5 swordtails - 1m 3f, 1 juv
3 gold dust mollies -1m 2f
5 silver tip tetras (willing to rehome, would like to keep at least 3)
4 guppies 1m, 3f (willing to rehome if absolutely needed)
2 pearl gouramis (will rehome)
6 kuhli loaches

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ these are already in my tank

i want to add some cories and some rams

i want to know if i can add 2 gold rams, as well as 2 bolivian rams (m/f pairs) or do i need to add 4 rams that are all the sames? like 2m2f goldens?

also would i be able to add a school or corys to this tank? there is an open sand patch in the front of the tank. but the test of the tank is gravel (river pebble substrate) with TONS of plants.

ladayen 02-17-2012 11:55 PM

What is your PH and hardness? Rams and livebearers are at opposite ends of the bar here. Dont put both in the same tank. I'm going to wait for your parameters before commenting further.

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