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rjwwrx 02-17-2012 01:13 PM

Diatom Issues
My 55 gallon tank has been setup for around 6 months now, and I continue to have diatom issues. It is covering my crypt leaves and hornwort the most, as well as alot of my substrate and glass. I remove it manually about every other water change. I have kept up weekly to bi-weekly water changes, depending on how unsightly the diatoms get. It has recently gotten worse after I upgraded my lighting to two 48" t8 tubes.

I am dosing weekly with Flourish comprehensive, and my lights are on 8 hours daily. I would say my tank is moderately planted.

I realize in the grand scheme my tank hasn't been up for that long, but I feel like I should have made some headway with my diatom issues. I figure upgrading my lights has likely caused some more balancing issues that my tank needs to figure out as well. Should I just stay patient, continue to remove manually with water changes, and keep the faith? Any advice?

Tazman 02-17-2012 01:22 PM

Try reducing the amount of time the lights are on..

Diatoms although unsightly will go after a period of time..took 8 months for my 75g tank to get over them when I originally set it up.

rjwwrx 02-17-2012 01:29 PM

Thanks Tazman, any ideas how short I can go with the lighting and still be ok with my plants?

If only my BN Pleco liked my diatoms :|

jeaninel 02-17-2012 07:11 PM

Just be patient and keep doing what you're doing. Eventually they'll go away. Some of my tanks took up to a year for diatoms to go away and some tanks never had much a problem.

You're BN doesn't eat the diatoms? Mine ate that stuff up!

rjwwrx 02-17-2012 07:21 PM

I never see her doing much, or see any obvious lines in the diatom growth. Maybe my 55 is just too big a job for one little BN...

I would really like to keep a school of oto cats but I can never find them locally. I like them as a fish, and BONUS they love diatoms. I'll continue to keep an eye out for them.

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