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FishRook2012 02-16-2012 09:14 PM

Is my dalmation fish pregnant?
Whats up fish Experts. I have a quick and easy question for you. If you could please elaborate further after giving me the YES/NO answer to my question, that would be absolutely fantastic.

I had an All White Dalmatian Mollie (female) and a Black with Black Spots Dalmation (male). Female died so I bought another Female Dalmatian (white with black spots). I only had her for about a week when I saw ONE little black Tad Pole looking this swimming at the top of my tank.. I was absolutely shocked. So I got a closer look at it and sure enough, it was a baby black mollie. But there was only one! I hear they bread in the 20s or more? Maybe he was just the lucky survivor??? Anyways, I think that the baby mollies are the All White Dalmatian's Fry. The White with Black Spots Mollie has a big spot on her left side and I read in another blog that female mollies get a black spot on them when they are pregnant.

My MAIN question is simple. Is my White with Black Spots Dalmatian Mollie pregnant? I have a photo attached. For further reference, I am sure there are some people reading this that are curious about what to look for to tell if the female is pregnant or not. Also I am very curious as to how the birth process works and how to know if I have babies in the tank or not. Thanks Team!! 8-)

DalmationMollie.jpg picture by hyphypooka - Photobucket

mike gergley 02-18-2012 11:04 PM

she probably is but she still has away to go

Tazman 02-18-2012 11:19 PM

@FishRook2012 Welcome to the Forum.

For future reference, you can directly upload pictures to your posts without hosting them on another site.

Click on "Go Advanced", you will see a smiley face, Next to that is a Paper Clip, by clicking on that you can add images either from your computer or from an external site if you have them stored there already.

I cannot answer your post with 100% certainty as I do not know a lot about Mollies at all, however from looks alone, yes she looks pregnant.

I would suggest if she has given birth, either leave the fry alone or if you want to remove them, search in and around decorations (the fry will want to stay as hidden as possible)...this will likely lead to stress of the other fish and may expose your fry.

I may suggest a breeder net or box if you are worried the fry may be eaten by your other fish.

Something like this or this.

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