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Richard Killick 11-14-2007 02:02 PM

goldfish dieing???
I have a common gold fish in a tank with four other mixed fish. The tank is situated in the same room that my tortoise lives in and has consequently an average temp of 27.5oC. The fish have lived in the tank for nearly four years and have never been ill before.

Three months ago the gold fish started loosing its scales and going silver. It showed no ill effects and as it appeared healthy I just left it do it's thing.

About a month ago it went off it's food and started showing signs of a bacterial infection; so I did a course of anti internal bacteria treatment and this reduced the symptoms; it started eating intermittently. I did a 30% water change and another course of treatment, and the fish became more active, but still eating intermittently, even with live foods.

It now had symptoms of a mouth fungus and darkened gills ( the dorsal area and top of its head are still gold as are its gills) I did a treatment for mouth fungus and gill rot and I have been doing this for two weeks now and the fish is now no longer eating, and intermitantly active. On sunday night I moved it down stairs and into an isolation tank and gave it an extremely strong anti internal bacteria treatment containing, formaldehyde which I was recommended to use only in emergencies. It has improved slightly from the move and anti internal bacteria, but is still not eating and only active intermittently. My local aquarist and I agree that by all means it should be dead by now and I haven't destroyed it yet as it is still not lying at the bottom of the tank looking half dead. i had it fourth hand from a neighbour so the age is unknown but all the other fish in my main tank have been completely health all the way through this episode.

Any answers to this puzzle would be gratefully received :?:

willow 11-14-2007 03:10 PM

going out on a thin limb here......
is it constipated ?
reason i ask is because perhaps the fish is weak because of
the infection,then meds,food not going through the body,
so the food it has had is not passing through. ?
sorry if this seems a stupid response.

JouteiMike 11-14-2007 04:15 PM

Have a picture?
How big is the tank (main tank) and what filtration do you use?
What are your water parameters?
What other fish do you keep in the main tank?
Does it have difficulty or odd swimming (sideways, upside-down)?
Raised/missing scales?

How long has is been in the hospital tank?
Give it some time, fish can be very resilient if given the proper environment. What medication are you using in the hospital tank?

Richard Killick 11-15-2007 01:53 PM

I'll try to gert a pic.

The main tank is 3' x 1' x 1' and I have an under gravel filter.

The other fish are a wakin, a pleco and two black comets.

my water quality is perfect (I had it tested by my local aquarist last weekend.)

other than resting about a centimeter above the sand there but it is swimming backwards more than usual.

The fish has been in the hospital tank since Sunday as I wanted to stop giving all my other fish the treatment and for my main tank to recover from all the medication.

I'm using 'King British' bacteria control in the hospital tank.

the only other thing i've noticed is that its scales appear to be slowly flaking off its nose, and it does not oppen its mouth as wide as usual.

Richard Killick 11-15-2007 02:24 PM

here are the pics of the fish. sorry they arent great my hospital tank is perspex so it won't focus properly.

Richard Killick 11-20-2007 02:43 AM

I tried feeding the goldfish yesterday with some blood worms and since then it has been steadily improving i think it was constipated evidence of trailing poo now. thanks for the advice


willow 11-20-2007 01:48 PM

glad he's improving,you could always try some shelled peas

Richard Killick 11-21-2007 01:51 PM

He's still improving I've moved him into my new tank so he can have some more room he looked really depressed in the hospital tank so now he has a 4' by 1' by 1' tank all to himself he seems to really enjoy it! :lol:

willow 11-21-2007 03:14 PM

wonderful news :)

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