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hickmadv 02-14-2012 08:07 PM

HELP! im new to all of this
Im new to fish keeping and i need help i have a 55 gal freshwater tank i bought this tank used it was set up and came with some fish i moved it to my home and set it up about 3 weeks ago two of my silver dollars have little spots all over them could this be ick? all the other fish look just fine also my water has millions of very small bubbles all in it im not sure it sould look like this i have two bio wheel filters on it one is a big one up to 70 gal and one is small it up to 20 gal and i have a undergravel filter is this to much filter? thank all of you for any help you can give me

Tapil 02-14-2012 10:29 PM

You say you got a used tank that came with fish

How did you transport everything? Did you drain ALL the water out and put the fish in separate containers?

-If yes then you may have a cycle problem

The bubbles are from you filling a large sum of water up quickly which causes some sort of checmical reaction and makes some sort of dissolved-gas get trapped in your tank (Normally this is experienced during cycle but if your having cycle problems im not sure how this will play out for your fish)

I know everybody on here likes to scream this, and its really like beating a dead horse but. It is very likely that your fish's spots are caused by the water quality. Id say you could fix this by changing some water BUT if were on the cycle problem im not sure how to fix this.

Id get some test strips just to double check on the water quality as many members will drill this into your head.

Well hoping to hear from you :)

If you have ich im confused at how your fish got it as you say the tank was used? And came with fish? How old were the fish when you bought it? Ich CANNOT just "appear" it must be brought in from the petstores sickly fish. It will also look like you took a wet fish out the water and took a hand full of salt and threw it at the fish (buncha white dots)

like THIS

There are great stickys on this forum about how to battle ich
-aquarium salt

hickmadv 02-15-2012 06:48 AM

I Did drain all the water out and put the fish in separate containers. when i got the tank was very dirty and the only filter was the gravel filters and it had 2 fish in it. So i got it home cleaned everything very good with only warm water filled it up and put the fish in when the temp was right in the mean time i went to the pet store and got the two bio wheel filters and put on it. it was running for about 2 1/2 weeks or so and last sunday my little girl wanted to go to the pet store and get more fish so i bought her 3 or 4 fish and now its 3 days later and now i have white spots that looks like little small bubbles on my silver dollars just like in your pic. i did treat for ick one time so far. Should i do anything more to my tank or just hang out and see if it clears up? And i will go get some test strips to test the water with thanks for your help.

MidnightsMelody 02-24-2012 01:42 PM

My guess is that it is probably ich. I currently have a large ich problem from buying a couple fish from a fish store that sold me sick fish. I would suggest you immediately start treating for ich by doing some research. I am using Rid-Ich on my tank, but so far it does not seem to be helping, but ask around and i'm sure you will get some answers.

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