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twocents 02-14-2012 12:43 PM

Conga Tetra with injury and/or infection on left side.
Sorry, no water parameters. When I've tested them they've always been 0 ammonio, 0 nitrites, 15 or so nitrates. The tap water has nitrates to begin with and the numbers usually match.

Anyway, the fish is a Conga Tetra, I have two. They are in a tank with 8 juvenile Empire Gudgeons. I scrubbed algae off the walls this past sunday, Feb 12, 2012. This might be an injury and/or an injury with an advantageous infection.

Only one fish is involved, all the other fish appear healthy. For ease of sake, just refer to fish as 'him'. Don't know what sex it is.

First observation: evening of Feb 13, 2012. Fuzzy white patch on left side of fish, about 1/2 inch down from dorsal fin. I put him into a quarantine tank. After the brouhaha of moving fish around the fuzziness had disappeared leaving what looked like a thin rope of something hanging down.

Morning of Feb 14, the rope has disappeared but the area there are several red streaks running from the bottom of the doral down to the same patch of scales. The scales themselves appear to be slightly detached, giving a pine cone appearance.

I have already treated with Tetracycline and, per directions, will repeat the dosage tonight.

Fish does not like 5 1/2 gallon quarantine tank at all.

Any idea what I'm dealing with? Tetra will be ok?

Any other input would be appreciated, Thanks.

ladayen 02-14-2012 09:08 PM

Pine Cone appearence usually means Dropsy, however Dropsy itself is merely a symptom of something else. Hopefully that will give you something to go on.

twocents 02-15-2012 06:08 AM

Thanks.. I was perusing Pandoras old disease observations and I saw that. However, the scale bristling was localized.

Update as of Feb 15, although the improvement was noticeable as of last night. The streaks have disappeared, there is almost no indication of any disturbance in the area where this injury/infection occured. I administered another scheduled dose of Tetracycline last night. The fin rot also seems to have vanished. I do not think fin can grow back that fast, so I'm not sure. The fish is very hard to observe; it tends to keep the injured side away out of sight, facing its right side towards me.

So, now the question becomes, do I repeat the recommended dosage. Calls for a 25% water change tonight and re-dosing the tank. I am aware of the importance of continuing medical dosage until the end of the recommended course, but I am thinking this may just have been an injury, as quick as the problem disappeared.

Thanks again.

twocents 02-24-2012 07:28 PM

Well, the original infection cleared up, and now it has a fungal infection. Mouth is rotting away. May have been aggravated becasue it hates the quarantine tank and tends to hit the tank walls when I go by. Treated with fungal medication, but so far little improvement.

jeaninel 02-24-2012 08:08 PM

Many times what looks like a fungal issues is actually bacterial. Can you post a pic?

Congos are pretty easy to sex. The males have the long flowing dorsal fins and are more colorful. The females are more drab and have shorter dorsal fins.

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