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Sinopa 02-14-2012 02:52 AM

Rescued snake
Today I rescued a snake from the pound that has obviously been abused. He's been in there since Feb 1st nad has been in shed since then. I've helped him get most of it off and now he can see out of one of his eyes although his second eye is proving difficult. He's already had two soakings in the sink today and tomorrow we're going to give it another go.

His neck is..."ergonomically" designed. It looks like someone squeezed him, broke his spine, which led it to heal improperly, possibly the bones ossifying? I'm not sure, I'm making plans to get him a general check up.

Rescue snake - YouTube catalog of his injuries/problems
Bubbles - YouTube blowing bubbles in the bath

Just wanted to share him with you guys. Also, does anyone have any speculations about the injuries on his belly?

pittipuppylove 02-26-2012 11:27 PM

What a handsome guy! He looks like he has a pretty good temperment from your video.

My guess with his belly is either possibly burns from a bad undertank heater like a hot rock or that he was kept in an extremely humid environment which caused the scales of his belly to become infected. I'm not sure if his spine was broken or not - it's also possible that he had a genetic defect that caused him to have a kinked spine. I assume he's able to eat and move without too many problems? If you can, I'd suggest taking him to a vet who has experience in reptiles who can direct you with a care plan. Untill then, it's probably best to move him to a "hospital" tank with a basic substarate like paper towels that makes it easier to monitor his activities.

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