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ancestralstars 02-13-2012 08:41 PM

New tank New fish (platy/molly) and non aquarium salt added (in a pinch)
Greetings. I just set up a 20 gallon bio wheel aquarium. I have platies and a single molly (I think) that was mistakenly sold to me as a platy. I have "seeded" this new aquarium with substrate/plants and driftwood from an established tank so there should not be a bad cycling process.

I am waiting for my aquarium salt to arrive in the mail but I have here a few gourmet cooking sea salts. One of which is called hawai kai (type available at fred meyers) and it is activated charcoal sea salt basically. I kept reading about how some say they need salt and some say they don't. I also want live plants in the tank that I know dont like salt.

I figured a good compromise would be to add a very small amount - maybe 1 tbs to the tank via filter and watch the reaction. I know never to add table salt but this stuff isnt it is supposed to be sea salt. They REALLY seemed to like it and all swam close to where the water was coming out of the filter. The fish all kind of bathed in the slightly salty water.

What does this mean? The obvious??? That they want salt? Is it ok that I used that salt until I get the regular aquarium kind? Should I continue to keep a very low level of salinity in there?

Also the one molly I have is a gold lyretail (very pretty). She is chasing the male play around like crazy trying to get it to mate with her but the male platy ignores her? Why is this happening?

ladayen 02-15-2012 07:44 PM

As far as my experiences go, females never chase males. I suspect your molly? is a he. It believes the platy is a female... are you certain it isn't?

As far as aquarium salt goes.. it's pretty much useless. I'm still not convinced they need any salt but if you want to use salt, use actual marine salt. Keep the level of salinity below 1.005. Your plants may or may not tolerate this amount.

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