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magpie 02-12-2012 03:52 PM

Your bottomfeeders' favorite foods?
Hey there,

I have some stiphodon gobies, kuhlis, and farlowella. I currently feed some Omega One shrimp pellets, Omega One veggie rounds/wafers, and Hikari Algae wafers. I also give some occasional blanched zucchini. (And frozen foods, as well as live brine shrimp, which when they make it to the bottom, will get eaten at least by the gobies and kuhlis.)

I have found that the algae wafers really aren't eaten as readily as anything else. I realize that I only have one true algae eater, the farlowella, but they much prefer the zucchini and the veggie rounds. Also, when they aren't eaten right away, they kind of quickly break down, vs the veggie wafers which hold their shape longer. The gobies are algae eaters but they seem to go crazy over the shrimp pellets and will munch up brine shrimp very happily, so they definitely like some of each.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Are there any algae wafer brands/types that others have had good luck with? I figured the more variety the better. Do I even need a true algae wafer?

What else should I add? Does anyone here feed peas, and if so, how do you feed them - do you blanch them, take off the skin, or...?


In this photo you can kind of see what I mean about the algae wafers breaking down quickly. Seems like it's messier. (and you can see a twig butt hanging off of a zucchini) ;-)

Byron 02-12-2012 06:39 PM

You may be spoiling the fish with too many good foods.:lol:

Mine live on prepared foods, a variety of 4-5 sinking types. I use Hikari sinking disks, Omega One sinking shrimp pellets, Omega One sinking algae disks, Nutrafin's sinking tablets (for some reason, every substrate fish in all my tanks go crazy over these), and Omega One small pellets that tend to sink rapidly and the corys and loaches seem to like these.

magpie 02-12-2012 07:57 PM

Perfect, I'll try some of those. Thanks!
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