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BettaDexter 02-12-2012 10:25 AM

Sick guppy
Hi all - thanks in advance for your help.
All of a sudden this morning one of my guppies is down - on the bottom of the tank, breathing rapidly, and it looks like one large white spot at the base of his top fin.
I'm pretty sure left unattended he'll die, however I don't have a separate tank setup to place him in to medicate him(and I'm not sure what to give him if I was to). Is this fin rot perhaps?
Is it safe to drop medication for him into a tank with about 15 other fish? I don't want to do damage to the others, or risk injuring/killing them with the meds, just to save one.
I did a good cleaning yesterday and added a couple plants and one assassin snail but nothing else has changed - and everyone else is acting perfectly happy and normal.
What do you all suggest? I can pull him into an old 1 gallon betta tank but it won't be heated/cycled and with the rapid breathing I think that would just lower his oxygen in the water. My thoughts are just to let him go but if there's a way to try to save him I'd love any suggestions/advice.

BettaDexter 02-12-2012 04:42 PM

Guppy died shortly afterwards - not sure what happened with that, he went downhill incredibly fast.

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