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aurora25 02-12-2012 06:26 AM

About 45gallons Lighting.
Hey guys. Can you teach me the basics.

Here's my story. My tank is a tall tank. I think its 45 gallons. 30 inches height. So I've put two different looking plants that I bought in 2 different LFS. They both said its a Java Fern. So anyway, I would like to know about lighting. Can you tell me how many Watts do my plants need, because, a 9watts bulb that my Dad just gave me. Every week, my plants wither and grows fewer young leaves. I'm adding liquid CO2 that I bought. But, still, they wither fast. So I guess its the Lighting's the problem. And I have no idea about proper lighting.

Here are my plants:
4 pcs "Java Fern"
and some Java Moss attach to wood and Clay decorations.

Here are my fish:
Neon Tetras
Kuhli Loaches

Please, tell me about lighting and how many watts does my lighting need that will go well with my plants and fishes. :-( and also, why does other aquariums lighting color has some effect? Like blue, pinkish and stuff. Was that okay for plants?

Sorry for the long post. And thanks for reading. I hope you can help me guys. :-(

*Edit: I've found my 2 Java ferns on the net.

beetlebz 02-13-2012 10:35 AM

To be honest, you shouldnt need very strong light for the java fern, the second one (a crypt, according to the picture) shouldnt need much light either. Adding liquid co2 wont really get you anywhere. Save it for now.

What im guessing, is there is little light, little nutrients. I recommend a good comprehensive (all inclusive) liquid fertilizer (I use flourish comprehensive) and dose 1/2 whats recommended. The crypt is a root feeder and the liquid fertilizer wont have much effect, but it will definitely help some. As for a light, the standard strip light for your tank will be 36", which would contain a 36" 30 watt T8 bulb. That would probably be a pretty good level to start.

What kind of fixture are you using to light the tank now? If its a screw in light bulb / fixture, make sure the bulb is natural daylight. The goal is between 5000 and 6500k color temperature, which will be printed on some bulbs.

Geomancer 02-13-2012 11:20 AM

9W would be really low for that size tank, and in a deep tank it becomes more of a problem as water will diffuse the light quickly.

I would get a standard sized fixture for that tank as beetlebz mentioned. Go to a hardware or department store and get a 6500K Daylight bulb (GE makes them, but so does Sylvania and Phillips). Those bulbs will be cheaper than a pet store one and work better than lights marketed as "plant" bulbs.

You only need CO2 under bright light, a comprehensive liquid fertilizer will need to be used, again as bettlebz mentioned (I use the same brand).

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