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sapphiregrl73 11-12-2007 02:16 PM

swim bladder problem?
I've had my betta for almost 2 years now and he's never had any health problems. He's always been active and eaten like a pig! Suddenly he started floating uncontrollably at the top of the tank. Of course I thought.. he's dieing.. but then I read something about Betta Constipation. So I tried giving him small pieces of a pea.. but he wouldn't eat it. I tried the Epson Salt bath twice a day for three days (20-30mins) but that didn't clear the problem either. I changed his water and made sure it was at a comfy tempurature. So it's been a week & a half and he's still miserable and not eating. :cry: What else can I do?

mHeinitz57 11-17-2007 12:30 PM

Bettas generally live about 3-4 years on average but 2 years is a pretty good length of time to have one considering they arent always sold as babies in the stores. It's possible that the fish is just showing signs of old age. Swim bladder diseases can be related to bacterial infections and not just constipation. Usually constipation is a cause of swim bladder disorder in goldfish, where the pnuemocystic duct is blocked. Bacterial infections though can cause the walls of the bladder to harden and thicken which disallows flow of oxygen. There are medicated foods you can use but otherwise you may try an antibiotic in the water.

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