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Oscarfish789 02-11-2012 10:17 AM

Bearded dragon?
hey guys, I was just wondering if any of you would know how much it costs to operate a 20 gallon bearded dragon tank if all i have is the uvb, day and night lights, and a uth for it?

willow 02-18-2012 02:44 PM

do you mean how much the electricity would be ?

pittipuppylove 02-25-2012 10:32 AM

Herp keeping can get pricy, but a lot of it's equipment and vet care when needed. Beardies eat veggies, crickets, pinky/fuzzy mice, ect. which don't cost a ton of money They're are a great first reptile, but if you get a baby, you will need a bigger tank/enclosure pretty quickly - a 40gal breeder at the absolute minimum. They are active animals that need stimulation and room to run around. I reccomend doing as much research as you can and then some. But if you do and commit to proper care, they are great - I've had two and they are great pets :)

willow 02-25-2012 12:14 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here are a couple of pictures of mine,he was just about to eat some greens,and the
other is just after eating giant mario worms,and he's chilling out in the warmth.

pittipuppylove 02-25-2012 02:45 PM

Aww... I'd say those are some happy kids! I love your set-up too! I tend to keep mine in the more simple habitats to help keep maintenence down (mine poop A LOT) - those who can keep a nice looking enclosure have my admiration!

willow 02-25-2012 05:03 PM

thanks,that's just bert in different locations of his viv it's a 4x2x2 ft
he's easy to maintain,as for some reason he will only poop when i give him a bath
no matter how much he eats and the veg he eats too ,and the substrate is easy to spot clean,and keeps down the odour if i'm not in and he goes in his tank.
hmmm let me see if i can flush out a full tank shot.....
this is an old shot,it's changed since then,i really need to update my pictures.

Oscarfish789 02-27-2012 08:03 AM

sorry for not posting back guys , but preferably everything from cost to maintain and electricity( my dad is worried about old wiring in my room) I just want most of the specific needs so i can talk to him about it when the time comes:)

willow 02-27-2012 10:49 AM

can't help on electricity,and i'm not sure i can help with much else,as
i'm over the pond from you so costs are different.
i would say that perhaps look round at reptile forums.there is always people selling stuff.
from the pet to the whole set up. is a nice site
craigs list,ebay,rescue centres.
bearded dragons eat live food along with fresh fruit and veg,also they need vitamins,and a good
quality uvb light,
but like i said,that web site is really good.

Oscarfish789 02-27-2012 08:20 PM

thanks willow but i still havent decided what to get weather its a BD or geckos, if geckos i was thinking of getting a couple different kinds do you know of any that are compatable with each other?

pittipuppylove 02-27-2012 11:15 PM

For a 20gal, I'd recommend going with a gecko. Beardies are great pets, but for your case it's probably best to stick with a herp that won't outgrow his or her cage in a matter of months. Crested geckos are great and so are Leopard geckos, both would thrive in a 20 gal. Is your tank a tall or long? A tall would lend itself well to a Crestie while the long would be great for a Leopard.

I'd strongly suggest sticking with one species per habitat to start out with - most herps aren't like fish where many can coexist peacefully across species lines. Although I wouldn't recommend it for a first-time reptile owner, you could likely house a pair of Leopards or Cresties in a 20gal. The only reason I'd wait on keeping two in one tank is because there are way more things to keep in mind when there're multiple animals - aggression, disease, food issues, accidental mating (babies are near impossible to sex), the list goes on and on.

As for pricing, electricity is tough to pinpoint because you never know for sure where exactly the spike came from (was it the herp cage or the lights you forgot to turn off the other day?). But for equipment , I'll give you a couple examples for what my stuff roughly costs to set up (without food, the animal, food, decorations, hides, ect) for a few species I either care for now or have in the past.
Bearded Dragon:
-40gal breeder fishtank - $85
-3 light hoods - $10 each
-Tank Hood - $20
- Large Ceramic Heat Emitter - $25
-50W Day Light - $6
-UVB bulb - $15
-Newspaper substrate - Free if you have a subscription

Leopard Gecko
-10gal tank - $14
-Mesh tank hood - $8
-3 light hoods - $10 each
-Night/Red light - $5
-Day light - $5
-UVB bulb - $15
-Paper towel substrate - Whatever brand you use

Argentine Boa Constrictor
-Homemade Enclosure, 6' long x 4' high x 2' deep - $100some in supplies
-3 Light hoods - $10 each
-2 150W CHEs - $20 each
-100W Day light - $10
-XL undertank heater - $15
-UVB light and fixture - $25
-Newspaper substrate

As you can see, the bigger the animal, the more it costs to set up - and the same goes for upkeep. My Leopard gecko ate about 6-12 large crickets every day or two at $.10 each, while my Boa eats a large, pre killed rat once a week. Add in the occasional trip to the vet if/when your kid gets sick. Plus they need hides - my kids all use homemade hides because I tend to spend the extra money on other supplies. Boxes of an appropriate size with a hole cut in the side work excellently and can be thrown away and replaced when soiled. PVC is also beond great because it can be used to make decorations and serve as hides and, in the small pieces, is drop-dead cheap. Decorations (more or less stimuli for the herp) canbe as simple or elaborate as you like. Going off of my cheapness, I love PVC, boxes, toilet paper/paper towel tubes, old containers, ect. Long story short, once you get set up and exclude vet trips and replacing the occasional burnt out blub, herp keeping can be pretty affordable.

As for convincing your parents, I have one suggestion... Research, research, research! Be able to answer any question of any type about the animal you want to keep. When I was trying to get my parents to first let me keep a reptile (a Leopard gecko, by the way) I was able to tell you about the parasites most likely found in a LG's GI tract - great fun. Know the natural history, captive needs, species name, why your pet is ideal for your situation (and don't sugar coat it or bend the facts - be painfully blunt with yourself and everyone else), pros, cons, and anything else you can find about your chosen species.

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