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slick13 02-09-2012 05:59 PM

New Tank Setup
I recently bought a 100 gal tank, for filtration I have a canister fluval 404 good for up to 100 gal and a hang on marineland penguin 200b bio wheel for 50gal that I will be running together. I am thinking of using gravel as the substrate and flat stones to provide lots of hiding places. The main issue has been to look for the fishes that I will be keeping. I am thinking of going for american cichlids since they interest me a lot. I definitely would like to have 1 Oscar an 1 Jack Dempsey, but I want to know if I can have any of these together:

Uaru Fernandesyepezi
fire eel
Needle nose gar
leopoldi ray
cobalt blue lobster
leopard pleco

I was thinking of getting them while they are small so they grow together and kind of get use to each other but I do not have any of these as of now so any suggestion for size would be appreciated. Thanks in adavance

Tazman 02-09-2012 10:16 PM

Uaru Fernandesyepezi - NO they require low pH of 5.5 which is too low for the convict (lowest 6)
fire eel - NOT a beginners fish and need a well established tank.
Needle nose gar - NO, needs a 6ft length tank and is too timid for the JD.
convict - YES, would work.
leopoldi ray - too timid for the JD and Oscar...will be dead quickly.
cobalt blue lobster - nice snack food for the JD and Oscar so NO.
leopard pleco- No as the JD and Oscar will not leave it much to eat which can starve it. Look at the Spotted/Striped Raphael catfish instead (it has a hard covering and can withstand the temperament of the Oscar and JD.)

Getting them small and growing them up together DOES NOT work long term, it is programmed in the fishes genes about aggression etc, I am not saying it doesnt work entirely but it seldom does.

Look at Aequidens 'goldsaum'/'silversaum (Green Terrors or GT's) as potential tank mates as well. They can easily hold there own.

What are the dimensions (Length, Width and Height) of you tank?

Byron 02-10-2012 11:24 AM

Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.:-D

I'm happy to see you are researching first; too many buy fish that seem "nice" and end up with trouble. I concur with what Tazman has mentioned.

Fish are programmed by natural evolution to be the way they are and require what they require. We cannot change that. Paying attention to the probable is always the wiser and safer course for any aquarist.


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