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Ami 02-08-2012 09:56 AM

Keeping Amazon Swords in pots in tank
Hi all,
I bought a couple of Amazon Sword plants in pots a few days ago and plonked them into my 29 gallon aquarium. Thy actually look pretty good in the pots (even though they're raised higher than the substrate level). The roots are surrounded by something grey and feels a bit like a sponge.
I was wondering if its possible to keep the plants in the pots long term.

Byron 02-08-2012 11:09 AM

Most do not recommend keeping these plants in the pots, but it can be done. The root systems are large, and will spread well outside of the pots, as wide and the rosette of leaves will grow. Removing the plants from the pot and rock wool (the potting material) allows the plant to get growing.:lol:

Try not to break off the roots; I usually remove the pot first (I find gently squeezing it first removes some water and the plant slides out easily), then I carefully unwrap the rock wool and remove as much of it as I can without damaging the roots. Place the roots and crown in a good depression in the substrate, and fill the depression back in, then gently pull the plant up so the crown is just at or above the substrate.

Leaving them in the pots for a few days until you decide where you want them is OK, you can more easily move them around if still potted with less chance of damaging the roots.


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