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alphanumer1c 11-09-2007 02:17 AM

is my set up sufficient enough???
Hello everyone! I just started my planted tank and I have a few questions.

My setup:

-29G(dimensions: 30" long x 12" wide x 18" high)

-Hagen Nutrafin co2 system

-Regent filter system from wal-mart

-Coralife T-5 Lighting with 18w Full-spectrum bulb and 18w 6700k plant bulb( this makes it a little more that 1wpg)

-One bag of Eco-complete substrate(only about 1-2" deep)

-Regent filtration system (from wal-mart)

-2 amazon swords

-Java Fern

-and various other plants that need around med lighting, which were added only a day ago along with the substrate (ill get the names when i go back to my LFS)

As for my parameters, I do not know any of it. I have yet to get a test kit.

Ive only had my tank for about a month now. I used to have a subtrate not suitable for plants and purchased amazon swords and java fern along with my t-5 lighting. I used Flourish Excel every other day and Flourish twice a week. When I saw that they werent doing well and had green algae all over the tank, I went to a LFS store and they suggested getting new substrate and a co2 system. I bought these, then a day later went crazy and bought 7 plants that needed medium lighting . I know its too early for me to see if my new plants are doing well or not, but given my set up, I have various questions on what I need or should improve on. I am thinking I need a new filter b/c the co2 system will not work effectively with the surface agitation. So, my first question is what is the cheapest filter that would work with my heavily planted tank with little to no surface agitation. Next, I would like to know if my lighting is sufficient? I know I should at least have 2wpg but from 2 lfs's that I have been to say that my lighting is good enough for plants that need low to medium lighting. If my lighting is fine, how many hours should I have it on? If not, whats the cheapest lighting set up to fulfill my tanks needs. Now for my substrate. Ive only added one bag and its only about 1-2 inches deep. Is it absolutely necessary for me to get more? And if I do need more, what is the best way to add it in without harming my fish.

I have a feeling Im going to get flamed for my set up, but any constructive criticism will be much appreciated :lol:

willow 11-09-2007 02:29 AM

flamed.... Why ?
it sound pretty cool to me. :?
how about if you point your filter nozzel downwards
then there won't be any surface movement,
i would love to see a picture. :)
substrate can't help with as i have only ever added
when there is no one in there.
Welcome aboard by the way,you wil find us a friendly bunch,
we try to help rather than flame people. :)

Unrulyevil 11-12-2007 12:59 PM

#1 stop putting in so much plant food.
Your plants are not developed yet to take all of the nutrients in and BTW you still cycling. Common mistake is to think that everything is normal and cycle is over. Don't rush.Planted tank needs time.
That is why you have green stuff all over the glass because all the nutrients are in abundance in the water and plants don't take it in.
Watch out!! you can get GREEN WATER tank. and then.... omg
I'm myself just got out of this problem so ... i know what it is.
#2 MORE light! 1WPG-poor 2WPG-ok 3WPG-good 4WPG-best. go with 2 or 3 unless you have ton of money to spend.

Swords usually develop strong root system so... for them... light and pure laterite addition would be welcome.
P.S. don't believe when people tell you that swords don't need lots of light... they do!

fish_4_all 11-12-2007 03:19 PM

First, go to the site below and input your dimmension then look up you lighting levels for T5 lighting. When you know your levels you will know more of what is needed and what may not be.

Go to the site below and download the calculator. It will help a ton for CO2 and fertilizer dosing.

BTW, T5 lighting is 1.35 times more intense than regular lighting so you have almost 50 watts equivelant over the tank. According to the gotdns site this is almost moderate lighting and your sword will likely completely take over the tank all by itself at the light level. With Eco Complete and DIY CO2 I have seen swords take over a 26 gallon tank with screw in compact flourescent lighting at less than 2 w/g with absolutely no extra dosing. The leaves were up to 25 inches long and the root wad was the size of a baseball after it was trimmed.

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