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jdiaz 02-05-2012 05:28 PM

Home style of making plant food?
Today I went to petco, they had a sale on Cherry Barbs, 5 for 5, so I got 5 and a plant for $2.99
About 3 months ago I had decided to go with a 10 per month plan of getting fish, plants, ect for the aquarium. Today I have $1.57 of change left. The thing is my tank has sand substrate and I want to get these plant food tablets but they where $7.99 and since my tank already has a bunch of java moss and an Anubia, water quality is the best ever. I want to give my plants some food or fertilizer to make then all happy. I want to get them next month and before that I was wondering if anyone now another way to get then some food. The only thing that I can think of is putting some fish food, brine shrimp, in the bottom of the sand to add more ammonia to give the plants food. The thing is that plants can just live off of ammonia alone.

What do you guys do to add more food for your plants. I am a newbie when it comes to plant keeping but bare with me.

fish monger 02-05-2012 06:23 PM

I don't know if I'd add a bunch of fish food. The fish will provide the ammonia and it sounds like your water is healthy. What size is your tank ? How many and what kind of fish ?

jdiaz 02-05-2012 06:32 PM

The tank is a 29 with 5 cherry barbs and 3 mollies, a silver and a black both females and one baby, and a Chinese algae eater. I did not add any food yet. I will add some pictures to show you. And do you know what kind of plant the long skinny tall one is?

jdiaz 02-05-2012 06:35 PM

3 Attachment(s)
This is the new plant, just seperated to take up more space.

Geomancer 02-05-2012 08:18 PM

I'm not sure what the plant is.

However, I will say that CAE will become a problem for you in the future. They get large, and are a schooling fish. They also are not friendly. They need a large tank and don't work in a community tank.

I wouldn't try to create extra ammonia, it is only one of many nutrients plants need to grow and if you cross the line for what the plants can use, your fish will be exposed to ammonia which is toxic to them. Your best option will be a liquid fertilizer, most here recommend Flourish because it has all the nutrients in the correct proportion. It costs more than the change you have, but less than $10 and will last you a very long time.

coydog429 02-05-2012 08:58 PM

Stem plant
The stem plant that you have pictured is I believe Brazilian Pennywort. Though I may be corrected by one of the other more knowlegable ppl here. Still new to live plants :">

jdiaz 02-05-2012 09:13 PM

I know that the CAE will be a big problem later, for now he is only 4 inches and will rehome at 6 or at 5 inches. I have seen him try to get at the mollies before but he stoped a long time ago. The silver molly is the boss of the tank and the CAE wont mess with her. As for the type of plant, I dont think it is the one stated, my plant has like little white flowers but who knows you might be right. There is no ammonia in the tank or nitrates in aquarium since like forever. Tank has been set up for like 4 months and not a problem what so ever. You guys are awesome thanks for helping out.

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