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MinaMinaMina 02-05-2012 04:44 PM

Swap Meet Haul
So, yesterday my daughter and I went to the swap meet of our local club. I got lots of great stuff super cheap, and quite a few freebies! People were unbelievably nice, clearly in it for the love of it (not profit), and just all around awesome!

But the thing at the meet that got me all excited...
Earlier this week I had taken some fry to the LFS and was talking to the owner. He was trying to convince me to take this little juvenile Oryzias woworae (Daisy's Ricefish/Sulawesi Ricefish) he had. The parents had spawned in the tank before they were sold, and just the one little guy survived. He was not getting any more in, they were pretty rare. I told him that I'd research it, and think about it. So I did, and I ended really liking the fish, but not for any of my current tanks. I would need to set up a species tank, and that wasn't in the budget right now. Also, I didn't want to keep just the one little guy- it wasn't fair to keep him without giving him family! But the fire was lit, I was really enchanted by the coloration, the breeding habit, and the fact that these are a super new fish! (The species was named and described only in 2010!) So flash forward to the swap meet- a seller has these Ricefish! I was ridiculously excited, but still didn't have any where to put them. BUT I searched around the meet- and for a total of about $3 + heater + lid (which I'll get cheap from the club), I now have a fully furnished species tank of Oryzias woworae! I could do back flips!

It was a great meet. I don't think I spent more than $20.
Here's what we paid for:
Hydro-Sponge II
Hydro-Sponge III
Elite 801 air pump
Coconut hide
Frozen Daphnia
Oryzias woworae x6 (Daisy's Ricefish/Sulawesi Ricefish)
Echinodorus ozelot
Cryptocoryne wedtii 'bronze'

Here's what we got for free:
Nymphoides sp. 'Taiwan'
fish keychains (for my daughter :-D)
Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine x3
Corydoras oiapoquensis x4 (Flag Tailed Panda Cory)
10g tank

I'm just thrilled! Thanks for sharing with me. :-D

thekoimaiden 02-05-2012 08:29 PM

:welldone:Oh my gosh! That is an amazing haul. I hadn't heard of that fish (it also has an awesome name), so I looked it up. Beautiful! I can't wait to see some pictures of your setup.

I wish I knew of a club close to me, but I'm out in the middle of nowhere.

magpie 02-09-2012 08:39 PM

Just looking to see if you had posted about these fish since you messaged me.

Would also love to see the setup and your new fish! Hopefully they're as engaging as mine have been. My avatar is one of them when I first got them. :mrgreen:

MinaMinaMina 02-09-2012 10:06 PM

Thanks guys! Its so awesome to share my giddiness with you!

When I got them home from the swap meet, their water was really cold despite having them in a cooler and heated car for transport. The room at the conference center was really cold. :blueshake: So I did a slow acclimation because of that. Other people from the club have posted that they also had this problem with any and all of their swap meet fish. They've said that their fish have been adjusting very slowly, and haven't been as active and brightly colored as they should be, but are slowly getting better. I would have expected everyone's fish to bounce back quicker, but this is the same issue I'm having with mine. So I've totally got my fingers crossed hoping that they continue to do well!

I should be getting a hood/light for the tank this week, and I'll post pictures when they're properly illuminated. Can't wait! I love them so much already. :mrgreen:

magpie 02-09-2012 10:16 PM

If yours are anything like mine, it won't take long!

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