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gypsy_ii 11-08-2007 12:31 PM

New Dwarf Frogs
I got 3 dwarf frogs a few days ago and I was wondering how to feed them properly and to know if they're known to hide because I haven't seen any in 3 days.

There are a fair amount of rocks in the 120g tank so there are a number of hiding places. Also, there was a thin strip at the back of the tank that was open (I fear they might have jumped out, is that likely? or been eaten by the fish). I have a pretty peaceful tank, not much or any fin nipping going on. I've since tapped the openings off.

So yeah, how can I feed them without the other fish taking their food away before them..and do you think they jumped out? were eaten or just hiding (crosses fingers).

Thanks for your help :) *worried*

gypsy_ii 11-08-2007 12:55 PM

Oh, I managed to find one of them, he just blends well with the onyx substrate (he was sitting between two rocks). Still looking for the other two.

willow 11-08-2007 03:14 PM

i hope you find them,they are very good at getting out
if the lid is not on tightly,
i think blood worm is accepted,but i don't know anything else
as i've never had frogs.

joeshmoe 11-08-2007 03:46 PM

betta pellets and brine shrimp where a fav for mine.

fred&barneyfrogs 11-09-2007 04:28 PM

Hi there I just got a couple of dwarf frogs my self... So far haven't had any excape but still could happen.... I have read quite abit about them though...They aren't very good and fast at finding food. So it needs to be put close in front of them..I read You can use a turkey baster to feed them on a small dish or in a cave/hiding spot. Just so other fish dont eat the food. Or by hand and try and follow them they will come to you eventually. Try and place the food always in the same spot to know where to go and only feed them everyt two days. Blood Worms is what I feed mine.

So far I have fed mine once and they haven't had to much problems but they are hiding quite a bit but I dont have other fish yet so I will go from there!!..

P.S. I hope this helps you let me know how you make out!!

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