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maxw47 02-03-2012 06:38 PM

Water parameters for platies
So I currently have 2 platies in a ten gallon aquarium. I do not know the majority of my water parameters because my test kit is shipping right now. I do know what the nitrites, nitrates, and amonia should be at. So on to what I do nitrites are at 0 PPM and my tempreture is at 79 degrees F. Also, I tested my Ph with a saltwater test kit (all that I had available) and got 8.0-8.2 if that helps. I also know that the well-water at my home is hard (a little general but I am still waiting for the kit). But for when my kit comes, what should the gh and kh be. I know that platies like harder water but what is the exact gh. If this helps, I ordered the API master test kit and an extra gh and kh kit also by API. Thanks in advance!

ladayen 02-04-2012 03:59 AM

The KH indicates stability. A higher number means your PH is not likely to change, whereas a lower number means more likely to change. With well water your KH is probably fairly high.. which is generally a good thing unless you wanted to change your PH. You have good parameters for platy it seems.

I dont fully understand the GH thing myself yet depsite reading about it several times lol. A lower number means softer water and higher means harder water. Byron has a good understanding of how this works. Perhaps he'll pop in, or I think he wrote an article about it somewhere.. hmm.

Ahh here we go.

maxw47 02-04-2012 11:36 AM

Thanks so much! My test kit should come today (if the fedex guy doesnt get stuck in the snow lol). Ill definitly read your link. Thanks again!

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