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nicolaas 01-31-2012 01:48 PM

Pink tilapia endanger!
World wide this fish is plentiful. It is so special it can live in very hot, low oxygen,hard and soft and even in water that is salter than the sea! But the sad part is that it is endangered :cry: People all over the world thing this fish is a pest (some places it is) but in it's home range it it self is is in danger.It is interbreeding with Nile Tilapia a sub species that if they breed the young is sterile,but they are allot more aggressive and bigger then Nile or the Blue(as we call them) Tilapia . So the hibrids eat all the food, take all the mates and drive the other males away. This is very very sad becase this is a very special fish.What fish do you know about that can do what this fish can.All comment's are welcome.:-D

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