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lastadam 11-06-2007 01:26 PM

naughty kuhli loaches INSIDE AquaClear
I have a 72G with an AquaClear 110 and about 10 kuhli loaches. Problem is, the kuhlis are fond of going UP to the intake tube and so what happens is that they end up INSIDE the AQ (alive and kicking just below the sponge). A cherry shrimp also went in.

Problem happened 3 times already. The tube is about 14" above the gravel. So i covered the tube end with aquarium net. Kuhlis can't get in now, but so can't dirt like dead plant leaves, large excrement, excess food, etc. And i think the water is getting cloudy because of this?


fish_4_all 11-06-2007 02:20 PM

My Ac filters came with a fiarly small end cap with slots in it that I doubt an Kuhlii or shrimp could get through. If oyu can find one, it owuld be a better solution because it would still allow for the larger stuff to go through but not the fish. This may not stop them completely because they may decide to jump up the outflow of the filter anyway but at least they shouldn't go through the impeller on accident.

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