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Castiel 01-29-2012 05:50 AM

How to care for Shrimp Larve?
I have a Ghost Shrimp that is pregnant and her eggs may hatch within a few days. I want to know what they eat and how I can provide it. Right now she's in a travel tank (about 16 oz) with pieces of dirty moss from a moss ball, clippings from a wisteria plant, and a snail shell with a bit of brown stuff (most likely algae) on it.

However, I do have a heavily planted 15 gal tank at my disposal with a water heater (78 F) and bubbles.

Which one is best? I've read that they eat bacteria, algae, and infusoria. The moss, shell, and plant matter might already be enough but I'm inexperienced with shrimp larvae

I've read from one source that shrimp larvae hate illuminated places so I don't know if the larger tank is best since even if I turn of the light it still gets lots of natural lights. Confirm: yes, no, maybe?

InvertPlanet 01-29-2012 07:59 PM

I have never tried breeding ghost shrimp but in all my previous shrimp tanks I used Shirakura Chi Ebi. It is a powder and works really well.

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