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derbyno1 11-05-2007 12:16 PM

silver arowana and a gar
i have a 8 inch gar and this week i brought a silver arowana which is also 8 inches. do you think they are compatiable.

fish_4_all 11-05-2007 01:56 PM

I would say yes but only conditionally. Meaning you need to spend alot of time making sure they do not have to compete for food, territory or anything else.

I would say that the minimum size tank with them both being 8 inches for them to get along and not fight or kill each other would be 125 gallons. An oscar needs at least 55 and the Gar probably even more. Some tall sturdy plants might help even if they are plastic or better yet silk so they will withstand some of the abuse that both fish may inflict on them.

You will need to feed them individually and make sure that they come to recognize prepared food as their staple diet and not live food because they will likely fight over live food especially with as messy as both can be they could easily inflict massive wounds trying to take food out of the others ones mouth.

I don't envy the task but I believe it can be done. Other will disagree. The only thing I can see that will make this extremely difficult is the fact they are so large already. If they started out together at a much smaller size it could have been much easier.

derbyno1 11-05-2007 02:35 PM

ok thanks, i hope it works as they are both beautiful fish

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