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ladayen 01-27-2012 02:20 PM

Kenyi fry coloring
We have a couple dozen kenyi fry, half are blue half are pale yellow almost albino. They have normal eyes though and you and see some blue tint on the fins. I know dominant males will go yellow gold but these are only a few weeks old and have not changed color since birth. Wondering what does it mean?

nicolaas 01-28-2012 09:40 AM

I don't now what other fish are in the tank,I all sow have kenyis it would be sow cool if they bred.How big are they.

ladayen 01-28-2012 09:58 AM

Actually, to have hybranizing ruled out mother Kenyi was in a tank with a male kenyi , 3 female and 1 male Otopharnyx Lithobates, a pair of Psuedotropheus Acei, 2 females and 1 male Metriaclima sp. zebra long pelvic and 2 common plecos.

the fry in the begining were almost to small to see they are now close to a month old and about 1 inch in length most had there blue coloring in the first few days the others are still a fleshy pink.

nicolaas 01-28-2012 10:16 AM

I think there hybrids. the kenyis are all sow psuedotropheus and I think they have some Acei in them

Tazman 01-28-2012 04:42 PM

There is ZERO chance of telling what they are until they are older.

Many cichlids will take on the appearance of a male or female in early life until they mature and start showing adult color there is no way of knowing either their sex or whether they are hybrids.

Do not even attempt to vent them until they are at least 2".

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