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Julie's Julies 11-03-2007 11:49 PM

Keeping bio-wheels alive during a move
I need to know how to keep bio-wheels alive while my friend has her tank torn down and rebuilt. I just plopped her two wheels into my tank (her tank is disease-free and clean), but one sank strait to the bottom. Can the bacteria live down there without access to any air? I just assumed that air was needed since the biowheels are exposed to both air and aquarium water when they are running in the filters.

Also, if after two weeks I just yank her biowheels out of the tank, could it potentially send my tank into a mini-cycle since it has gotten used to the extra wheels in there?

Last of all, what is the best way to transfer them back to her tank when she's ready for them - they will have to travel about a half hour? We just put them in a bucket of aquarium water for the ride over to my house. The water came about half way up the wheels, so they were in half water, half air.


fish_4_all 11-04-2007 12:32 AM

Well the best way I can think of would be to have the wqheels at the surface with a bubble wand running under them. I don't see why just leaving them in the tank won't work but you might lose some of the bacteria, not all of it. As for moving them for a half hour, nothing special really needed. Just put them in tank water and go.

All in all, the biowheels should maintain enough bacteria to shorten a cycle but I would still make sure to do a cycle as they might not be capable of handling a complete load. If there is some sort of media that is also in the filter, it will still have a lot of bacteria on it if you put it in your tanks also or even in your filters if they will fit.

Mini cycle, who knows. Maybe, maybe not, depends on some of those unknown factors that sometimes throw things out of whack and sometimes don't. It is possible but I don't see it being too much of an issue.

I am curious, why two weeks? The tank can be set up and the biowheels put back on the tank as soon as you treat the water with dechlor and have a descent temperature on it.

Julie's Julies 11-04-2007 10:59 AM

Thanks, Fish 4 All. My friend is having her house tented for bugs, and the gasses will kill any fish and established bacterial colony. So I am babysitting her red-tailed black shark and her biowheels. That is a good idea about the other filter media - it will be time for me to change my carbon, so I'll toss the old ones back in her tank too to see if that helps at all. She only has the one fish right now, and then she will slowly restock the tank, so she only needs enough bacteria to keep the shark happy.

Thanks again! I will just keep close tabs on my tank once I remove the extra wheels and will tell her to do daily water tests on her tank once it is put back together.

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