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flight50 01-25-2012 07:41 PM

Upgrade from 55g to 125g Build
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Okay attached is a quick sketch of what I'd like to accomplish. I am going to run a 125gal heavily planted community tank with small tetras and catfish.

I am not really concerned about equipment being seen. Being heavily planted with a canopy, most will be hidden. My real question in with my intents. I will not be running a traditional sump. I want to keep my water level at a constant here and a sump is perfect. I have a 55gal open top and I hate it when the water level drops.

At the same time I want to use the sump as a Quarantine tank for fish & plants that I purchase. I plan to overstock this tank with corydora, cardinal, ots, etc....small fish. I want to introduce the load in groups of 10-12 at a time to prevent bioshock to both tanks tanks for a 2-3 week monitoring period. The ones that make the 2-3 week visit, will move to the display tank. I can then do a 50% water change on the holding tank and to keep the bacteria alive once its inhabitants are moved to the display tank, I'd kick in the overflow again.

I don't have alot of space in my house for a holding tank so I figure I can kill two birds with one stone. By combining the display and quarantine tank as one it gives me the ability to run the tanks independently when needed.

Does anyone see this being flawed or have any suggestions or advice for something to be cautious of. So far the only problem is getting the tank fitted for the drain. I do not want to include any other piece of equipment other than whats on the sketch. I need the back of the tank to be as flush as possible to my wall.

Tazman 01-25-2012 10:35 PM

First of all BAD idea running a sump as a quarantine tank...a sump is not designed for that. It (quarantine) NEEDS to be a completely separate tank. Otherwise you will just introduce anything the fish might be carrying to the display tank.

The sump needs to be able to hold the water that will drain from the overflow in the event of a power outage. Putting a 30G tank as a sump for a 125G does not give you a lot of room if you want to keep it full. Regardless of whether it has a manual valve to stop the flow when you are using the sump as a quarantine which I would not recommend at all...what happens if you forget to close the valve, you get a big flood.

I would prefer to see at least a 55g tank as a sump for a 125G tank.

If you have never drilled a tank before then get it done, DO NOT attempt it yourself on a tank that size if it is your first time....bye bye tank if you make a mistake.

Why not if you already have room for the 30G tank, just run it totally independent and not worry about the overflow. If it was running as a sump properly then you could add a bioball chamber,wet/dry filter. If you run it independently then you can just get a sponge filter and leave it running in the tank once cycled. That way you can still quarantine without potentially effecting the whole tank.

Plants do not really need to be quarantined, a simple 5% dilute bleach mix would work to kill anything off them. You dip them for a short time(30 secs - 2 minutes), if the plant is very thinned leafed, then potassium permanganate is an option as well.

Hope this helps.

flight50 01-26-2012 09:22 AM

Thanks for dropping in. It sets me on the right track now. As far as what the quarantine tank can possible be contaminated with, I figured a flush of the tank would work but I know I can't get rid of all the water so I see that point.

I was thinking a 30 would be okay just to keep it full enough til the next water change/cleaning every 1-2 weeks. I was also going to rig in my R/O unit to make water on demand into the sump tank. I currently only have the planted 55gal in which will be taken down but it will be too big to fit under the stand I will be building. I thought of that though as a sump. I was thinking of going on the back side wall of the 125gal and basically relocate my 55 and use it as a sump. The only problem is that back side is only a partially insulated garage. A heater would be on non stop. I don't own the 30gal. I was going to only buy it for the quarantine.

No I never drilled a tank. Glass nor Acrylic. I didn't plan on doing it. I'd be pissed if I screwed it up. I was stating it would be hard because I would need to find someone willing to do it and not over charge me.

As far as the plant quarantine, I was going to do that only for snail control just in case I missed some. I didn't want to risk using the bleach solution that I read about years ago. And I can't find potassium permanganate so I was just going to isolate them for a while.

Well back to the original plan then. It will be cheaper anyways since there will be no boring and I can step down to a 20 gal. quarantine. I was going to run the quarantine underneath anyways without the sump. I only got the idea when I saw a thread about having a sump on a planted tank and figured I can construct a two in one setup. Thanks for the help. I saw many that viewed but didn't bother to comment. Now that I know that its not a good idea I can eliminate my thought.

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