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arscott82 01-24-2012 07:41 PM

worm on new plant
Ok, I didn't know which topic to put this post on. Since it came with a plant I bought today I put it under the plant topic. Here we go. Today went to the local fish store and saw that he got some dwarf baby tears on rock in. I've been wanting to try this plant out so I bought one. I was just looking at it up close, in my aquarium, and noticed a little clearish white worm about an 1/8 inch long wiggling around on it. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this thing? Should I take it out or will it die off? Thanks for any help.


beetlebz 01-25-2012 01:01 PM

A google search turns up enough conflicting information to make me chuckle :-) half will tell you the white worms are planaria. the other half will tell you such worms are detritus worms. Either way they, in and of themselves, are not a bad thing, they just are.

the common denominators on the web are these..
1) they are harmless in small numbers
2) in massive numbers they can lower oxygen levels in the aquarium (not very well supported on the web)
3) they thrive on the organic buildup on the substrate surface (poo, old food, plant matter)
4) they have been shown many times to be present in perfectly healthy aquariums, though others say its a sign of dirty water, or poor maintenance.

I had a 10g with just a single betta in it and a small pleco. The tank did fine, the fish did just fine (still have the pleco today) and the worms were at one point almost boiling out the top.

Ive lost all my fish with no worms, and at the same time ive had the worms in alot of my tanks from time to time, and didnt lose any fish. I have to conclude that they, in and of themselves, be them planaria or detritus worms, are harmless.

arscott82 01-25-2012 03:20 PM

Cool, thanks for the info. Ya I did a google search on it to, but didn't come up with a good conclusion. I really don't think it was from dirty water, I do about a 20% wc every sunday. Hopefully the little guy can help me out with eating some dead plant matter. Plus I have to leave him in there. I looked this morning and he was not on the plant anymore and with him being so small I'll never find him again.

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