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JoeFish80 01-23-2012 11:39 PM

55 Gallon Aquarium need idea's for new additions.
Well lets see where to start, The tank has had its ups and downs since last september when I first set it up. We went through a battle against ich in its early days, a trio of murderous gourami's, a PH tank which well aided the gourami's murder spree. And well now all things have been stable for the last month and going well.

Its a heavily planted tank picture below, the current stock is as listed.

4 Angel fish
2 Bristlenose Pleco's
4 Siamesis
5 Odessa Barbs ((I know they prefer colder water as did the white clouds but seem to be more than happy living in the warm 80 degree temp that the tank currently sits at))

((The Survivors of the Gourami Murders))
1 Neon Tetra (six killed)
1 Serpae Tetra (Five killed)
2 White Clouds (Five killed)

Now I do plan to raise the amount of Odessa Barbs in the tank, might end up with 10 total.

Where i'm stuck is what else to add. I had tossed the idea of a pair of kribs around, maybe some sort of tetra, but I can't seem to make up my mind or think of anything perhaps slightly more unusual. Any idea thought is more than welcome. From the most unusual to common fish i might have just not thought of.

Aquarium Picture.

CAangels16 01-24-2012 02:36 AM

It seems like hatchet fish would make a cool addition. I have several in my tank and they really do stand out! Also maybe even an african butterfly fish, although i've heard stories about them eating small fish... might be a little risky.
There are also glass cats, or even african dwarf frogs.

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