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us4298 01-23-2012 06:12 PM

HELP!!! ICH disease
I noticed some white specs on my cardinals 2 days ago and I am pretty sure it is Ick. I added an air stone in the tank, lowered the water level, and I am attempting to use aquarium salt for treatment.

Test Results for the Following:
* Ammonia Level: 0ppm
* Nitrite Level: 0ppm
* Nitrate level 10ppm
* Ph Level, Tank (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines) Ph: 6.8
* Ph Level, Tap (If possible, KH, GH and chloramines)
Other Required Info:
* Brand of test-kit used and whether strips or drops? API
* Water temperature? 78F
* Tank size (how many gals.) and how long has it been running? 10 gallons has been running for about 9 months.
* What is the name and "size of the filter"(s)? Tetra whisper EX 20.
* How often do you change the water and how much? About 25% once a week.
* How many days ago was the last water change and how much did you change? 2 days ago, about 25%.
* How many fish in the tank and their size? 13 Cardinal/neon tetras. Range from 1-2 inches. 5 amano shrimps, 1-2 inches long.
* What kind of water additives or conditioners? I used Stress coat as my tap water conditioner.
* What do you feed your fish and how often? I feed them tropical fish flakes about 4 days a week, frozen blood worms once a week, shrimp pellets once a week, and 1 fasting day.
* Any new fish added to the tank? I added 3 neon tetra in about 2 weeks ago.
* Any medications added to the tank?No
* List entire medication/treatment history for fish and tank. Please include salt, Prazi, PP, etc and the approximate time and duration of treatment.
* Any unusual findings on the fish such as "grains of salt," bloody streaks, frayed fins or fungus? I saw some sort of white specs on my cardinal tetras. The neons seem to not show any specs. There are 3 cardinals who have alot of specs on their body and are light in color.
* Any unusual behavior like staying at the bottom, not eating, etc.? No, they are all eating and behaving normally.

Tetra Guy 01-23-2012 07:28 PM

My Black Neon's had Ick a while back. I used Aquari-Sol. It worked great, completely eliminated the Ick, and had no relapses since. However, as you have shrimp in your tank, you cannot use this treatment. Make sure whatever you use, its safe for your shrimp. I noticed a lot of Ick meds are not safe for invertebrates. Just FYI :) Hope this helps a little, good luck!

us4298 01-24-2012 12:45 AM

Do you have any suggestions of what treatment I should use?

afremont 01-24-2012 05:47 AM

I've used QuickCure and it seemed to work ok, but I treated before any spots appeared. It stained my silicone tank seals light blue. I think it's bad for invertebrates and snails. Coppersafe is another, but it is also not safe for invertebrates and may harm plants. If your fish can take it, the best cure is to gradually raise the temp to 86F. At this temperature ick cannot attach to fish so the swimming ick bugs eventually die. It is my understanding that 90F will just kill all the ick outright, even the cysts in the gravel. You can't do much about the ick on the fish, you have to wait for it to detach itself in a couple of days. Whatever you use, follow the directions carefully these are potentially dangerous meds for the fish.

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