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zinzah 01-23-2012 02:17 PM

Free Aqueon Filter offer.....Should I?
Hi all.....
We are going to restart our 55 gallon freshwater tank after moving several years ago. The tank has been empty for four years, but it is now full and has no leaks. The filter is working nicely and quietly, just as it always has.
The local pet store is having a special next month where we can bring in our filter and exchange it for free for a new one.
We currently have a Whisper 60 Triad that is 7 years old, but as said, seems to be working very well. the new filter would be an Aqueon. The promotion states:
"Free Filter with the exchange of any brand other than Aqueon for a brand new Aqueon Power filter of equal size. Aqueon will give away a filter to replace the power filter to the closest size available. Matches gallons per hour, not the size. Filter will not come in a box."

I know sometimes things that seem like a no-brainer are the worst moves of all, and just because something is 7 years old, does not mean that something newer will work better. I have tried to see what kind of reviews Aqueon has gotten, but the few I have found don't mention specific models. Saw a couple that say the small ones (10 gals) are excellent and quiet, but the big ones (50 gal+) can be VERY noisy...and I would prefer to stay away from that....

It also appears that there are a lot more "parts" - filter elements/stages- in the Aqueon than in my current Whisper. Some reviews said that the Aqueon water is incredibly water has always seemed pretty clear.....Are the additional filter stages 'worth it' based upon expense and maintenance time versus the Whisper?

Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas/suggestions on the topic? Anything would be appreciated...Thanks in advance

ANGELFISH GUY 01-23-2012 02:39 PM


zof 01-23-2012 02:58 PM

I've had two of these filters and they seemed to work just fine, its really up to you if you think a newer one will last longer, you have to remember alot of times when people complain of noise its because they different opinions on level of acceptable noise, and/or they don't have the filter situated right / water level is too low.

As long as the new one was brand new and not refurbished I would take the new one since the motor is new and one would think it would last longer.

afremont 01-23-2012 05:41 PM

I don't think the aqueons are all that bad. I have used them and they have the design advantage of priming without fail after a power outage. I worry about my aquaclear filters in that respect since they depend upon a siphon to not break. The aqueons have the pump in the tank under water so they can't help but prime.

I think the aquaclear 50 filters that I switched to make for clearer water, but that's not why I got them. I got them because I felt the aqueons that came with my 20 gallon tank kits were sized a little small. They make great 10 gallon filters though, just ask my daughter's betta. I guess that is why they were called quietflow 10, for "up to" 20 gallon tanks. Too small, the quietflow 20 was obviously the better choice for a 20 gallon tank, they just didn't use those in the kit packages. I chose to go with aquaclear due to the feedback they had and the fact that they use seperate media "modules" that can be changed individually.

Jayy 01-23-2012 06:07 PM

I have a Aqueon on my 26gal and it does a very nice job. I would say go it, it isn't everyday you can get a free new filter. As for noise, what there is none.

beetlebz 01-23-2012 10:56 PM

+1 for the old whisper. Parts are so cheap and easy to order online that you can literally have the thing forever.

filter stages shmilter stages. build a good, strong balance in the tank and water clarity follows along :)

1077 01-23-2012 11:22 PM

If the 55 gallon has been running for a while (months) with fish, then switching the filter for new one would probably not upset anything but to be safe,, I would keep the cartridge,pad,sponge,from the whisper filter in the 55 gallon while the new filter is building bacterial colony should you decide to switch.
In a mature tank,the bacterial colony would be fairly well established and present on all hard surfaces, and switching filter's would be no different than changing the cartridge for a new one, but saving the material from the old filter and keeping it wet in the tank, or in new filter compartment if it'll fit, would be some insurance against possible mini cycle.
I personally would want filter with minimum 300 GPH for 55 gal tank.

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