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vinoth1465 11-02-2007 09:45 AM

water change - python gravel cleaner
i am planning on buying a 50' python gravel cleaner... my question is for de-cholrination i know its instant with prime or other products.

what about water temp. temp is droping and the tap water is extremly cold... the hot water in my building is a little cloudy... when i mix hot and cold water, the tank does not look clean...

right now, i am having four 5 gallon jars sitting with water to set to room temp.

is there any other alternative...

Captain Crab 11-02-2007 11:52 AM

i think the best method is letting water sit overnight.This dechlorinates the water as it stabilizes the temperature .I have well water so i don't have this problem.although i have lived in areas with city tap water and my aquarium never seemed to change.Ive had much success with store bought dechlorinators.However I wouldn't buy the python.I prefer the gravity method.just a straight plastic tube with a hose.fill the hose with water first before attempting to start a siphon.Never put your mouth on the hose and suck no matter what girls tell haha there could be germs on there.

Captain Crab 11-02-2007 12:43 PM

ill try to post a pic .i dont know if this site will accept it

vinoth1465 11-02-2007 01:09 PM


thanks... taking the water out is no problem... i have a small gravel cleaner and just siphon the water out... filling it up is the problem...

lifting the 5 gallon bottles high enough so they dont lean on the glass rim...

Captain Crab 11-02-2007 09:42 PM

heevy ho... we arent afraid of a little lifting are we ?? a gallon of water only weighs 8 lbs X 5= 40lbs.i lift 2 at a time

MattD 11-02-2007 10:02 PM

Just have your pails filled with water and dechlorinated the night before you plan on doing the water change. That way whatever chlorine is left after you add dechlorination is gone, and it's reached room temperature. After you vacuum *bam* add new water and you're set. Slightly more planning than usual but if it's the only way then that's the breaks. :)

Good luck!

tophat665 11-03-2007 09:30 AM


Originally Posted by Captain Crab
heevy ho... we arent afraid of a little lifting are we ?? a gallon of water only weighs 8 lbs X 5= 40lbs.i lift 2 at a time

And that was still enough to throw my back out.

Pythons are the way to go. Mix the hot and cold to get the right temperature while you have the water flowing out the outlet. Get a bit of water in a cup and mix in enough water treatment to treat the whole tank (I use a little less because I had been using a double dose.) Pour the treatment into the tank and switch the water direction in the python to flow into the tank.

Let the filter take care of any residual cloudiness. Hook up a second filter if you're worried.

Very simple, very easy, no lifting.

JouteiMike 11-03-2007 12:44 PM

I agree with Tophat, python's the way to go. I do enough heavy lifting at work, and it is the last thing I want to do with my fish tank.

Unrulyevil 11-03-2007 04:18 PM

hmmm this is strange ... why would someone want to hold a bucket of water that weights 40lbs over their tank and suck on the tube at the same time ? old habits die hard? :lol: python for the win!

vinoth1465 11-05-2007 08:47 PM

thanks for the advice... i think i am going to stick with filling the 3 five gallon polland spring bottles...

my condo is very old and i just cant trust the hot water pipes...
as much as i would love to use the python i dont want to take chances...

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