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PonyMan 01-22-2012 03:24 PM

I saw some ivy, the kind that you see growing in most office environments most everywhere, growing in a clear glass vase of water at a friends house the other day. I was wondering would these make good aquarium plants just floating on the surface? Would they provide the same kind of ammonia "filtering" that the other "real" aquatic plants provide? They do grow in just water with no soil substrate. Would they be harmful to the fish? Any ideas?


coydog429 01-22-2012 05:13 PM

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The plant that you see in most offices is actually Pathos. Yes it does grow quite well in just water but it does NOT do well inside of an aquarium.I treid it in a plant only set up and it rotted and died very quickly. Though if you have just the roots in the aquarium then it should still pull out the amonia like most other plants that you have in your aquarium. The nice thing about pathos is that it will grow in little light or in full light. My guppies love swimming around the roots. You can see some growing in my tank in the picture bellow.
Attachment 46672

and a closeup of the roots:
Attachment 46673

I hope that this helps you, though others are welcome to jump in if they have more information.

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