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bubbles1 01-22-2012 02:29 PM

Central/south American tank ;)
Okay so I'm wondering what central and south American cichlids can fit into my 55 gallon? I have only sand right now and it's cycling :p but I was thinking like one or two pieces of driftwood on the sides, but I'm kinda just a newb at these kind of cichlids, but I'm not a fish newb if that makes sense :p I have seen some videos,pics and articles on various ones and I'll tell you what I'd like :) so if you can tell me what I can get!

No convicts
Centre piece, but not to big
Somewhat peaceful
Cool to watch
Some breeding, but not killing anything
Nice colors
Some dither fish?

So can anyone make me a stock for these cichlids?



rrcoolj 01-22-2012 06:42 PM

A pair of salvini will fit nicely although they can be nasty. You can probably keep fast moving target fish withem. You could do 1-2 pairs of firemouth cichlids or other members of their genus like ellioti or paisones if you can find them. A pair of centrarchus will fit nicely as well. They are related to convicts but much better looking. I have a stunning pair of centrarchus in my 29 at the moment. All fish mentioned will work well with target fish just make sure they are fast. Some fish that might work includes tiget barbs, buenos aires tetras, columbia tetras, and giant danios.

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