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smit3183 01-22-2012 12:00 PM

Cherry Barbs not eating
Ive got a 55g that has been cycled for about 4 months now. 4 platies and 5 zebra danios were currently in there until I added the 6 male cherry barbs 3 days ago. Ph is at 8.2 which I know is a little high but not terribly far from the barbs range. They seem to be doing fine ,very active no signs of stress and getting along with the other tank mates. Only problem is they have not eaten the first 2 mornings during feeding and I only feed once a day. I have plenty of plastic plants in aquarium and a few plastic floating plants in there. I know this can be a shy fish and wonder if not eating first couple days is normal,but still getting kind of nervous. I dont want them to stave to death. Should I be concerned?

lamberb2 01-22-2012 01:09 PM

I'm still fairly new, and i've never added fish into an already stocked tank, but when i first added in my neon tetras, they didn't eat the first couple mornings, but would feed at night. It could just be the schedule that the pet store had them on, try adding a little food later in the evening maybe?

afremont 01-22-2012 01:11 PM

Unless your fish look unbelievably thin, then no they aren't going to starve. Fish can go for many days (weeks) without eating. They just may be stressed a little from the move and the new environment. Watch your ammonia and especially your nitrItes over the next week to make sure you don't get some spikes from the added bioload. They're omnivores so it won't hurt to give them some veggie foods too. I fed mine a pea once and they loved it, I also give them algae wafers at least once a week. You could try putting some garlic squeezings on some food and see if they go for that.

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