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bllauben 01-21-2012 04:16 PM

New fish and newly cycled tank: a few questions
I've had my betta (Flash) since November. I've had my two otos (Itsy and Bitsy) since December. I finally got my tank cycled. So, I went and bought 2 sunburst platties (Dusk-has red on the tail, Sunrise-orange tail), 1 black molly (Charlie-named after my dad's old black molly who literally starved himself to death chasing girls. Yep, he was a character...) and 1 dalmation molly (Spot). I have a 10 gallon tank. Everyone gets along just great. Flash, the betta, was not happy at first, but then I gave him his meal and he was like a happy pup (he likes to wiggle his body when he sees me and when he gets fed).
I took video yesterday:
Yes, I feed a raw meal to them. I am an avid raw feeder. There's absolutely no talking me out of that. Period. I feed daphinia, brine shrimp and bloodworms, at least 2 different proteins a week.

Anyways, I just had to have bought a pregnant molly. Spot, the dalmation molly, is currently giving birth as I type this. So far, about a half dozen fry have been eaten from what I've observed (morbid as it is, I have to remind myself it's classical raw feeding). Only about 3 or 4 were smart enough to stay in the plants. My betta was being quite silly and got himself stuck under the zuccinni I have in there for my otos (one of the fry dove under it). Since I was watching, I was able to free him **Rolls eyes**.

Okay, here's my questions:
1) What do I do with the surviving fry? I have daphinia to feed them. It's fine enough where they should be able to eat it. I also have finly ground up freeze dried food (which I put in the plants for them). Should I wait for them to grow up and then sell them? Where would I take them to sell them (if that is an option)? My husband won't let me have another tank, so keeping them is out of the question. Right now, the two fry that I do see are hiding in the moss-like plants at the front of the tank.
2) Since my tank has been cycled, what maitainence do I do now? I'm plan on putting bacteria enzymes in the filter on a weekly basis. How often should I vacume the substrate?
3) I had Flash on a twice a day feeding schedule. Should I keep that with the new fish or should I go for 3 times a day?


bllauben 01-21-2012 06:10 PM

Another question. I was guilted into Operation McFry. I went to the local pet store (they were LAUGHING at me because it would only happen to me...just like the flea infestation of 2010...three days after we rescued a cat). They sold me a really nice betta bowl to keep the fry in for now. About the size of a bowling ball. I have about a dozen and a half fry in there with some gravel substrate and a small plant (which I will take out when they are bigger). It has a light too. Bought some fry food. When do I start feeding them? They were born between 3 and 5pm. It's 7pm now. Also, what do I do for water changes in the McFry betta bowl?

pretzelsz 01-21-2012 06:17 PM

What I did with my swordtail fry was put them in some containers with a small heater and an airstone, started with about 30ish fry and ended up with about 10 so I don't know what to say about my worked though

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