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bubbles1 01-21-2012 12:33 PM

Decoration dispute -.-
Kk so I'm planning on setting up a 55 gallon cichlid tank and idk what kind, either mbuna, tanganyikans, or central Americans, but I've made like 4 stocks for each of those cichlids and I guess it all depends on what I see at my lfs :p but i was wondering decoration wise so if you can help me ;)

Kk so I have like a lot of old rock that's in a basket and If I got mbuna I'd use that but idk how I'd place it together, like should I make two structures on each side or one main structure in za middle?

And for tangans same question! Like should I put less rock that's closer to the ground or something?

And for the central Americans, I'd have 3 pieces of decent size drift woods would that be good to put in there? In any specif shape or pattern?

Or in general does it not matter how I decorate this tank? Cause all I care about is the fish being happy and me able to watch but at the same time it's a show tank for people to see :) and btw the sand is like white but like a sandy colour if that makes sense :p I just want some help as to what would look the coolest so if you can give me a mental pic of structure and color? And what cichlids would u choose as well? And if ur wondering my stocks I'll just tell you :)

So any help or suggestions?

ladayen 01-21-2012 12:47 PM

Mbuna need caves to call their own. If a fish does not have it's own cave it will attempt to chase out another fish from thiers. This can mean a fight to the death on occasion. So it's not so much about decoration but practicality with these guys.

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