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Jill90 01-20-2012 01:10 PM

Stocking 36 gallon
I hace a 36 gallon bowfront tank. I have not really ever had many fish in my tank, so I decided that it was time to get more. After time I have now made my tank planted as well, so I was thinking of getting some schooling fish.
What I have now
2 dalmation mollies
1 sailfin molly
2 tuxedo platies
3 cory catfish

And thats is! I was going to get a few more larger fish, but I decided to just get some schooling fish. Such as cardinal tetras, or rummynose tetras. I'm trying to figure out how many I could get without my tank being overstocked. I rather be understocked if anything.
Thanks for the help!

smiles 01-20-2012 01:21 PM

I've found this tool (AqAdvisor - Intelligent Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium Stocking Calculator and Aquarium Tank/Filter Advisor) to be very helpful with stocking advice, but it's not an end-all-be-all. It would be best for you to find a stocking level that you like and then ask for opinions before you make a purchase. Remember to add fish slowly to make sure your tank has a chance to adjust to the higher bio load.

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